A Business Approach to Sustainable Landscape Restoration

About the course

This course is aimed at beginners, business students and professionals as well as anyone with an interest in business-driven landscape restoration. It offers comprehensive knowledge of landscape degradation and landscape restoration from both the perspective of natural science and from an economics and business administration perspective.

Your teachers

Teachers include professors of business, soil science and conservation, agriculture and environment, and practitioners of landscape restoration. Participants are introduced to business tools they can use in professional landscape restoration and land management. You have 180 days to complete the coursework. Click here to register for the course.

A real business case

Landscape Restoration for Sustainable Development: a Business Approach concludes with a real-life business case developed by ENABLE’s partners; RSM‘s own Case Development Centre and its Partnerships Resource Centre plus the foundation running the project, Commonland. By studying this business case, participants can deepen their understanding of the theories and frameworks learned during the course, as well as practising application of the tools and methods. Ultimately, participants will develop useful and creative business solutions for specific land restoration projects. The second MOOC is still under development. It will go into more detail of specific business and landscape restoration concepts.


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