Meet the case instructors

Meet the case instructors

Berglind Orradóttir - Deputy Director of the United Nations University Land Restoration Training Programme

Dr. Isabel C. Barrio - Associate Professor at the Agricultural University of Iceland

Dr. Carolina Boix-Fayos - Senior scientist at the Spanish National Research Council

Dr. Joris de Vente - Senior researcher at the Spanish National Research Council

Afonso Almeida Fernandes - architect and founder of CAuSA

Dr. Renato Rosa - Scientific Director of the Knowledge Centre on Environmental Economics at Nova School of Business and Economics


You will meet them in more detail as the researchers, scientists and practitioners from the three real-life projects featured in this MOOC.

Other videos have been contributed by:

Prof. Dirk van Dierendonck

is professor of Human Resource Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in the Netherlands. His expertise lies in areas such as leadership development and positive organizational scholarship. He serves as academic director of the Erasmus Centre for Human Resource Excellence and is co-founder of the Erasmus Center for Leadership Studies.

Willemijn de Iongh

is Knowledge & Research Officer at Commonland where she is the lynchpin connecting knowledge and research within Commonland's Foundation, Projects, Partners and networks. As such, she is your one-stop-shop for applied learning around 4 return landscape restoration approaches. Willemijn has a background in Cultural Anthropology with a focus on natural resource management and sustainable agriculture.

Christine Ornetsmüller

is Knowledge & Learning Officer at Commonland where she is responsible for building a knowledge management system that includes a toolbox for the 4 returns Community of Practice. Christine has a background in Land System Science, Geography, Geomorphology, Natural Hazards & Risk as well as Geographic Information Systems (GIS)