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  • Date

    Thursday, 23 May 2024

  • Time

    18:30 - 21:30 (GMT +02:00)

  • Location

    Room JB-50, Bayle Building, RSM

Join your fellow CEMS alumni and current cohort for this exciting programme

On behalf of the CEMS Alumni Association in the Netherlands, we invite CEMS alumni to this event of TED-style talks. Please join fellow CEMS alumni and current students for an exciting programme of short talks on hot topics, plus plenty of time to socialise and network together!

Event Programme

  • Welcome from 18.30 in Room JB-50, RSM Bayle Building
  • Speakers begin 19.00
  • Networking drinks from 20.30 at Cafe de Smitse



Edouard de Mathieu

Description: Off the beaten path for CEMS: 10 years of project management in innovative aerospace projects

In this presentation, Edouard de Mahieu (CEMS Louvain School of Management 2013 graduate) will share lessons learned and reflexions on his career as a project manager in technical and scientific projects in aerospace, both hardware and software, but more importantly on working with people across borders and functions to bring them together to tackle challenges like climate change.


Angelica Nicodemo

Description: Current RSM home CEMS student.

Angelica Nicodemo, a current CEMS student, will present insights into the Economy of the Common Good (ECG), a pioneering initiative embraced by companies worldwide. The ECG advocates for an economic paradigm prioritizing people and the planet over profit. Angelica will delve into how companies assess their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance using innovative metrics and the Common Good Balanced Sheet, aiming to measure their contribution to the common good.


Raoul van Gom

Description: Taking Environmental Activism to the Courts

Raoul van Gom will shed light on Milieudefensie, the largest environmental movement in the Netherlands, with a legacy spanning over 50 years, and discuss the urgent need to address corporate pollution, particularly as 70% of the world's pollution stems from just 100 companies. Highlighting the imperative to reduce emissions by 45% before 2030 to avert catastrophic climate change, Raul will delve into Milieudefensie's groundbreaking lawsuit against Shell in 2019. This landmark case, won by Milieudefensie, mandated Shell to reduce its emissions by 45% by 2030—a historic victory that sets a precedent for climate litigation worldwide. He will also touch upon Milieudefensie's recent lawsuit against ING, one of the largest investors in fossil fuels, underscoring the importance of holding financial institutions accountable for their environmental impact.