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The event begins with an academic symposium at 11:00 in the Erasmus Pavilion, and is followed by Prof. De Moor’s inaugural lecture entitled Shakeholder society? Social Enterprises, citizens and collective action in the community economy. The inaugural lecture starts promptly at 16:00 in the Aula of Erasmus University. It will be followed by a celebratory reception.

If you wish to attend the symposium, please register. No registration is required for the inaugural lecture.

The symposium is organised by CollectieveKracht (‘Collective Power’), the Dutch knowledge platform of, and for, citizen collectives from all sectors: from energy to housing, and from care to food. It connects and helps citizen collectives to develop resilience and overcome obstacles together. It was initiated by RSM’s research group Institutions for Collective Action (ICA) and the organisation is independent, free and accessible.


Attend the symposium

The symposium from 11:00 to 15:00 is titled From science to society: evidence-based lessons for (cooperative) social enterprises and is organised by CollectieveKracht.

Attend Prof. Tine de Moor’s inaugural lecture

The inaugural lecture begins promptly at 16:00. To attend, please register using the button below. A video link to the lecture will be provided afterwards. 

Access the livestream

Prof. De Moor’s inaugural lecture will be available via livestream.

Symposium programme



Karoline Heitmann and Damion Bunders of RSM


The community economy as post-capitalism

Prof. Irene van Staveren of the International Institute of Social Studies


The return of direct solidarity

Lucas Meijs of RSM


Beyond the hype of the sharing economy

Koen Frenken of Universiteit Utrecht


Beyond Uber and Airbnb: Promises of Collective Ownership

Jovana Karanovic of RSM


Collaborative housing: Rethinking housing systems from a collective action perspective

Darinka Czischke of TUDelft


Scaling the Societal Impact of Community Enterprises for Sustainability: Challenges and Promises

Thomas Bauwens of RSM


A new area where theory and practice align: cross-sector partnership portfolio management

Rob van Tulder of RSM




‘Responsibility and collective action, the new perspectives offered by the territories’

Maryline Filippi (Bordeaux Sciences Agro)


How do social and community enterprises contribute to solving the challenge of the reception and inclusion of asylum seekers and refugees?

Karin Geuijen Universiteit Utrecht


Social interactions toward community resilience: learning from the urban commons

Arthur Feinberg of RSM 


The social life of businesses: golf course, piggy banks and net-zero emissions

Amineh Ghorbani of TUDelft


Q & A


Refreshments – coffee and tea


Inaugural lecture of Prof. Tine de Moor in the Aula of Erasmus University