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In: Nederlof, E.S., M. Wongtschowski and F. van der Lee, Putting heads together: Agricultural innovation platforms in practice. Bulletin no. 396, KIT publishers: Amsterdam, pp. 114-123


Introduction The Ugandan Oilseed Sub-sector Platform (OSSUP) is a commodity-based multi-stakeholder platform that has a priority of innovation and technological upgrading. The Ugandan Oilseed Sub-sector Platform as a national platform adopted a strong focus on policy and sector-wide co-ordination. It is linked to two regional platforms that were supported and facilitated by the Uganda Oilseed Producers and Processors Association (UOSPA).The platform has an active membership of large- and medium-scale processors, farmers’ organisations, financial institutes, government agencies, researchers, development and nongovernmental organisations, knowledge institutes and agricultural input providers. Members participate on a voluntary basis, and their contribution depends on the issues addressed during meetings or in a specific period.