This study covers all development non-governmental organizations (NGOs) active from the Netherlands with a revenue of € 1.5 million or more in 2008. This amounts to ninety NGOs, reporting on 317 individual partnerships with firms and/or governments. This study serves as a benchmark and stimulus for further quantitative research on the partnership strategies of development NGOs. Dutch Non-Governmental development Organizations (NGOs) are increasingly engaging in partnerships with private sector organization. The Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC) has researched the motives for collaboration of the largest NGOs in the Netherlands (a total of ninety), including ICCO and Plan Netherlands, but also Solidaridad and the Juliana Foundation. This study is the first systematic research on motives, patterns and strategic choices of partnerships between NGOs and companies in particular. A widespread pattern of partnerships emerges, of which the logic is not always apparent. One third of the NGOs does not engage in partnerships with companies at all. These and many more findings are discussed in the report.