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Moonshot Thinking is a series of recurring events organised by the Business Information Management (BIM) Group at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) to bring industry and research a step closer to each other. Our speakers are thought leaders in their respective industry sectors, and each one has a unique story to tell – whether that is a groundbreaking technology they are working on, an idea they believe in or an innovation that will reshape the world as we know it. From inspiration and knowledge sharing to prospective research project developments, we aim to inspire business leaders and researchers alike.


I advise entrepreneurs and professionals to take advantage of the opportunity to gain knowledge and inspiration from the thought-leaders that speak at Moonshot Thinking Events. Afterwards you can seize the chance to network with academics and business professionals and discover the possibilities to collaborate.

Robert Tjung - Healthcare Quality Consultant

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The RSM Moonshot Thinking event-series offers business leaders a unique and creative forum to test novel ideas and discuss the future of their organizations in an open and thought-provoking format.

Ori Marom - Lead Smart Mobility & 5G, Port of Rotterdam

Past Events

Karen Rivoire

Global talent officer at IKEA

Jurre Mulder

Chief digital and technology officer at Intergamma

Ronald den Elzen

Chief digital & technology officer at HEINEKEN

Marieke Blom

Chief economist and global head of research at ING

Jacqueline van den Ende

Co-founder of Carbon Equity

Erick Webbe

Head of data science at


Agustin Gutierrez

Film producer and operations director

Marijn Markus

AI lead at Capgemini 

Stefan van Duin

Partner, consultant of technology at Deloitte

Dick Willems

Data scientist with the Dutch police

Pauline Bieringa

Managing director at Triodos Bank Nederland

Pauline Bieringa

Ori Marom

Lead Smart Mobility & 5G, Port of Rotterdam

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