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Are you trying to collect and structure data, but don’t want to do it all by hand? Does your research require custom software? Or is an IT-problem somehow hindering your research?

The Research Software Engineering & Consulting (RSEC) team, part of the RSM Digitalisation & Information Services (RDIS) department, can help with all your research related problems that require specialised software or hardware solutions

What we can do for you

Need some data from the internet which would take you forever to retrieve by hand? Is the data very messy and would you like it to be structured and more easily searchable? Would you like to find relations in or between datasets? The RSEC team can assist you with all of this, as well as brainstorm on any legal or technical issues which may arise.

Have you rummaged around the internet for suitable software for your research and can’t find exactly what you need? The RSEC team is here to help. With experience in writing all kinds of software, from mobile apps to websites, web applications and even simulation software, the team would be happy to help you by creating the exact bespoke software you are looking for.

Not sure if the code you have written is efficient or maintainable? Or if you are stuck or have any other programming related questions, feel free to drop by. The RSEC team “speaks” several programming languages (such as R, Python, Java, C and PHP) and are willing to learn new ones to help you with programming problems in systems they are less familiar with.

Getting a handle on the vast amount of available cloud services can be difficult. The RSEC team has ample experience and could probably point you in the right direction, and otherwise could investigate and advise you on which service is right for you. Additionally, some of the heavy lifting could be taken out of your hands by writing automated scripts to use the selected service if so desired.

Looking to run large amounts of calculations and unsure if your computer has enough CPU power, memory or disk space? The RSEC team can help you optimise your code and run the computations on the national Supercomputer Cartesius, the national cluster Lisa or another HPC cloud service.

Do you have two datasets that you would like to link together? This can be quite an arduous task requiring a lot of bespoke solutions. In an attempt to ease this burden, the RSEC team has developed a tool that should make this process a lot easier. Some assistance may still be required but you should be able to do more yourself in a less cumbersome fashion.

In recent years the RSEC team has given multiple workshops and bootcamps on technical topics like programming in Python and version control with GIT. If you feel your department would benefit from a technical training just let them know and they can discuss how they could tailor a training to your wishes.

Do you have some fancy hardware lying around which you would like to incorporate in your research but are you unsure about the possibilities? In the past the RSEC team has developed applications for and consulted on all kinds of hardware (for example the Hololens) and can advise you on the possible uses of your hardware to enhance your research.

If you have a research related IT question which is not handled by the topics above, chances are the RSEC team will have encountered it before and already have a fitting solution and if not, they would gladly come up with one together with you.<o:p></o:p>

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