An article written by RSM alumnus Melvin Wezenbergen and faculty member Otto Koppius. The article is based on Melvin's thesis topic, researching which aspect is most important in Formula 1. Performance in Formula 1 is a complex interplay of the qualities of the driver, the car and the team. For instance, a top driver in a mediocre car will never win a Grand Prix, but the other way round a top car does not suddenly make a moderate driver a topper. You can also be a top driver in a top car, but that means nothing if the team does not have a good racing strategy or does not perform a pit stop properly.


  • Melvin Wezenberg
    Role: Alumni
    Reference type: Co-written by
  • Otto Koppius
    Role: Faculty
    Reference type: Co-written by

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  • Sport Knowhow XL (Online)