Regardless of industry, firm size, or the status and level of a leader in a company; however, morality has its limitations, according to new research of Hannes Leroy from RSM. The researchers reviewed 300 studies on moral leadership and discovered the pitfalls of morality at work. According to Associate Professor Hannes Leroy "Most of us consider ourselves moral and assume that others feel the same. However, managers should realise that their form of morality may differ from that of their employees. For example, a manager may be a servant leader, focused on the greater good, making sure that everybody gets along and reinforces that message to their team. However, if that manager runs a team of very proactive individuals and their definition of morality is more aligned with the view that they should get the freedom to do things their own way and be left alone to make their own ethical decisions, there might be a moral mismatch.”


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