While countries like England and France are already announcing it end of spring most of the population vaccinated against Covid-19, the Netherlands is only expected to go vaccinate en masse in summer. How did that happen? Critics fear that the lack of centralization can break us up.

Niels Agatz, Associate Professor of Logistics, is critical. “It seems that we are not prepared enough. Because not everything is yet clear about the exact vaccine, poldering is typically done again by talking to all kinds of parties. The GGD, for example, is not planning to set up tents yet, because that would make no sense for the time being. You should be less careful in these times of crisis. In the end, it costs less if you have those tents ready a little earlier than necessary, than if you have to wait longer before vaccinating. Because the latter is clearly has greater consequences in terms of health and economy. It is now time for a decisive approach. Set up those tents and centers. ”


  • Niels Agatz
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