The government wants to avert the housing crisis by building one million more homes in the coming years. But that won't help against skyrocketing house prices. Limiting lending is therefore a better way of curbing price increases in the housing market, according to professors Dirk Schoenmaker and Dirk Bezemer. But that is politically sensitive. According to the government, if houses become less scarce, everyone should be able to find a house again. Schoenmaker, Professor of Banking and Finance of RSM, finds this story misleading and calls it 'the brick myth'. 'Of course it can't hurt to build more houses, especially in cities where the pressure is now great. But even if we manage to build a million more homes in the coming years, we won't be able to get rid of those high house prices yet.' According to Schoenmaker, the high house prices are not the result of a shortage of houses, but of an abundance of money.


  • Dirk Schoenmaker
    Role: Faculty
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