Directors of volunteer organisations have to face tough laws regarding privacy (‘the AVG’), new formal requirements for the articles of association, and, of a recent date, the UBO register, etc. These laws require a lot of time and money, especially for smaller organisations.

Lucas Meijs, Professor of Strategic Philantrophy at RSM, states that the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) Register is the ultimate dream for someone like Putin as it gives the government an overall picture of all campaign organisations. 

Meijs does not exactly view tougher laws as a problem for volunteer organisations. However, he does believe that their work is becoming more complicated due to the government constantly putting up new barriers. 

Therefore, there is a petition against unnecessary regulatory pressure which was presented by Van Alkemade to the House of Representatives at the end of March.


  • Lucas Meijs
    Role: Faculty
    Reference type: Quoted

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