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Connecting with RSM researchers

Companies can benefit from RSM’s ground-breaking research in many ways. Knowledge from RSM research creates value and impact though research collaboration, assignments and consultancy, dedicated education and training, and the exchange of data and information for, and with, businesses. By partnering with RSM and its world-class researchers, organisations can help develop and benefit from unique and cutting-edge knowledge that can provide competitive advantage for companies.

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Access to business research

Through RSM’s online research platform RSM Discovery, and RSM Discovery magazine, organisations have easy access to the useful, cutting-edge business research by RSM faculty members.

Your organisation can also benefit from RSM’s research by:

Connecting with industry-specific Affinity Groups

Attending events that influence academia, business and society

Supporting a centre or research chair on select research projects

Training employees through RSM’s executive education programmes

Commissioning applied research projects to RSM professors

For more information, or to discuss other ways for your company to access our research, please contact us at

For all research news visit RSM Discovery