Undergraduate students from our partner schools are welcome to join the bachelor exchange programme, affiliated with RSM’s Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration (IBA). 

One of an elite group of truly international bachelor programmes, IBA brings you the opportunity to enter and experience a unique, global learning environment – one that is charged with differing world views and the energy of motivated students who are interested in changing the way we do business. 

Our International Office is dedicated to supporting you before and during your exchange. Once nominated by your home university, you will receive our online application form and once accpeted, all relevant information for your exchange at RSM and in Rotterdam will come your way. We will organize you an exchange ambassador (buddy) prior to arrival and upon arrival we organize orientation activities, social events, and regular evaluation sessions. We have close connections with all of our partner school institutions’ study abroad advisers/coordinators, and an open-door policy, whereby you are always welcome to pass by our office. 

In the Bachelor exchange programme you will experience:

Programme Overview

Fold out your tab of interest below, for the programme overview details

Fall (students stay for full fall term)



Course period

Exam period

Re-sit period


1st year

29/08 till 14/10/2022

17/10 till 22/10/2022

05/12 till 10/12/2022


2nd year

29/08 till 14/10/2022

17/10 till 22/10/2022

19/12 till 23/12/2022


3rd year

29/08 till 14/10/2022

31/10 till 05/11/2022

17/07 till 22/07/2023


1st year

24/10 till 02/12/2022

05/12 till 10/12/2022

30/01 till 04/02/2023


2nd year

24/10 till 09/12/2022

12/12 till 17/12/2022

03/04 till 08/04/2023


3rd year

07/11 till 09/12/2022

12/12 till 23/12/2022

03/04 till 08/04/2023



Students participate in one of the exchange options:

Exchange option

Period incl. exams

Blocks included

Minimum EC


02/01 till 07/07/2023

3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13 & 14



02/01 till 24/06/2023

3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12 & 13



20/02 till 07/07/2023

4, 8, 12, 13 & 14



20/02 till 24/06/2023

4, 8, 12 & 13



03/04 till 07/07/2023

4, 8, 13 & 14



02/01 till 08/04/2023

3, 7, 11 & 12



02/01 till 01/04/2023

3, 7 & 11



03/04 till 24/06/2023

4, 8 & 13




Course period

Exam period

Re-sit period


1st year

09/01 - 28/01/2023

30/01 - 04/02/2023

27/03 - 01/04/2023


1st year

06/02 - 24/03/2023

27/03 - 01/04/2023

12/06 - 17/06/2023


2nd year

09/01 - 17/03/2023

20/03 - 24/03/2023

03/07 - 08/07/2023


3rd year

02/01 - 10/02/2023

13/02 - 18/02/2023

03/04 - 08/04/2023


3rd year

20/02 - 01/04/2023

03/04 - 08/04/2023

22/05 - 27/05/2023


1st year

03/04 - 26/05/2023

29/05 - 03/06/2023

03/07 - 08/07/2023


2nd year

10/04 - 16/06/2023

19/06 - 24/06/2023

17/07 - 22/07/2023


3rd year

10/04 - 19/05/2023

22/05 - 27/05/2023

17/07 - 22/07/2023


3rd year

29/05 - 07/07/2023


August 2023 (assignments)

Undergraduate students from our partner schools participate in our Bachelor Exchange Programme and moreover in courses from our 3-year BSc International Business Administration (IBA) programme. Over the past three years, the curriculum of the IBA programme has undergone a great change. All courses are taught in English and the curriculum offers a broad approach and options for differentation in the 3rd bachelor year, covering all functional areas of business. The IBA student population consists of 60 different nationalities. 

What is new?

  • all courses are no longer offered in trimesters, but in blocks, see also our academic calendar:

Course overview & descriptions

On this page an overview of bachelor 1, 2 and 3rd year courses are given.

On this page descriptions of courses/minors  including time tables are given.

Course manuals are published about two weeks prior to the start of the courses. They can be found on the Current Students webpage:


Required workload for a full term is a minimum of 20 EC, maximum is 30.  Exchange students may enroll in courses from all three bachelor years, however courses from different bachelor years may cause overlap in timetables. 

Course enrollment

Upon nomination by their home university, students will receive, in addition to all practical information, instructions on how and when to enroll for courses. 

Acces to courses at other schools within Erasmus University

Only a few other schools/courses are open to exchange students. Every school has its own course registration procedure and deadline, it is therefore the student's own responsibility to register in time for courses and avoid overlap in the timetable of RSM.  

Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Language of instruction

All courses are taught in English.

Course load

Courses are denominated in EC (European Credits). The workload of one academic year is 60 EC. One EC is the equivalent of 28 hours (including in-class hours, self study, group work, writing papers and exam preparation).  A 10 EC course has approximately 12 contact hours a week. For exchange students, the minimum workload is 20 EC and maximum 30 EC for a full term (Fall or Spring). 

Class format

The programme includes case-based learning, teamwork and discussions, held in a highly diverse international student body. Classes show a mix of lectures (large number of students), workshops (vary in size, between 16 and 60 students), small team work and private study. Class participation and attendance affect final grades.


In general exams are scheduled at the end or the week after each block. Re-sits, however take place in different periods.
The assessment of the performance of students varies: written or take-home exams, progress reports, in-class presentations, group performance and essays.


In the Dutch grading system, grades from 1.0 up to 10.0 are used, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. In general, grades with one decimal are issued; the lowest passing grade is a 5.5. When rounding off these grades, grades with a 0.4 or lower will be rounded down, and grades with a 0.5 will be rounded up. Students in our exchange programmes receive their transcripts reflecting grades with one decimal.

Code of Conduct

RSM hosts a large number of students in its various programmes. It is important for us and our student community to have a code of conduct describing the main rules of behaviour at this school. Some view rules of conduct as self-evident and comply with them automatically. Others find them less clear and may even be unfamiliar with such codes.

The Dutch grading system has a scale from 1 (very poor) to 10 (outstanding). The lowest passing grade is 5.5.

Dutch grades     Dutch grade range     Explanation         Frequency        EC Grade

10                           9.5-10                   Excellent               0.2%                  A

9                             8.5-9.4                  Very good           3.4%                    B

8                            7.5-8.4                  Good                    16%                    C

7                           6.5-7.4                  Satisfactory            31.8%                D

6                           5.5-6.4                   Pass                     34.4%                 E 

1-5                       1.0-5.4                   Fail                        0-11.9%               F


Special marks

VD - Pass
O - Student did not meet the requirements to pass the course
NO - No show at examination

EC (European Credit) workload

In EC, 60 credits represent the workload of a full academic year. 1 EC is equal to 28 student working hours; these include class hours, self-study, preparations for exams, reading and/or writing papers.

For Bachelor exchange students, the minimum workload is 20 EC; maximum is 30 EC per full term (Fall or Spring).

For Master exchange students, the minimum workload is 20 EC during the autumn term and 18 EC during the spring term (2 blocks). Maximum workload is 30 EC.

Students participating in our short Master exchange programmes have to complete a minimum workload of 12 EC in one block.

Practical Information & Need to Know

Practical Information & need to know

Prior and upon arrival in Rotterdam

This section 'Practical Information & Need' to know is constantly being updated by the central International Office of our university. It provides incoming students with all practical information prior to and upon arrival in Rotterdam.

Furthermore the EUR International Office organizes so-called "One stop shops" to help you arranging a Dutch bank account,  registration at the City Hall, arranging an insurance etc. on one day at the beginning of each full term. Als Erasmus Student Network-Rotterdam can be of great help prior to arrival, on their website you can find video's on how to find housing, arrange insurance, how to buy you ESN-card (lots of reductions), and all tips and tricks to make your life easier during your exchange. 

See also, and for other practical information: EUR Orientation

Below a small selection of our campus facilities are given,

for ALL facilities or services on campus, see also : Campus facilities

Erasmus Food Plaza: At this plaza, several restaurants are located. One can buy breakfast, lunch, coffees and/or other snacks or sweets. It is located in Sanders Building.

Erasmus Pavilion: This place serves food & drinks such as soups, hot sandwiches, homemade pizzas, burgers, hot and cold drinks. 

De Smitse”: The largest student bar in the Netherlands.

Studium Generale, Erasmus Culture: Studium Generale organizes scientific, social and cultural programmes throughout the year for students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The programme consist of lectures and debates, monthly talk shows, cultural and scientific events and a wide range of cultural courses and performances.

University Library : The library has several functions: meeting, studying and working together. 

Erasmus Sports & Sports Building : Exchange students with an ESN-card can buy a sports card at a reduced prize. Erasmus Sport offers an extensive sports program throughout the academic year. With the Erasmus Sport pass you get unlimited access to all parts of the bodyfit program and the squash courts. You can also upgrade your pass to make use of the fitness facilities. 

Studystore : At this store you can buy (secondhand) books and other school supplies. 

Canon Copyshop : At this shop, located in the Polak Building, you can print, copy and scan in the self-service corner. 

Supermarket on campus : On Woudestein campus there is a small supermarket for your first necessities. 

Repair shop campus bikes: The shop to have your bike repaired is located in the Polak Building. 

About Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

RSM our campus : take a virtual tour and check out some of the facilities

RSM Store: to buy your RSM gifts


Visa & Immigration

Once nominated by their home university, our visiting Bachelor or Master exchange students will receive a so-called Welcome Mail from our International Office. In addition to all other relevant information (courses, accommodation), this Welcome Mail informs students also on the online exchange application procedure, but moreover also information whether they need:

  • an entry visa
  • Dutch residence permit
  • a Short Stay Schengen Visa  (non EU/EEA, valid less than 90 days)
  • or none

    NO entry visa and/or Dutch residence permit required, if: Incoming exchange students who have the EU/EEA nationality.


Students coming from outside EU/EEA countries and studying at RSM for 90 days or more:

  • Check the following website to see which situation applies to you and which document you need: Visa checklist
  • Please note that a visa is not the same as a Dutch residence permit, so which document(s) do you need? Check the EUR immigration page for more detailed information.


Students who do need an entry visa or Dutch residence, the RSM International Office and EUR Immigration Department help!:

  • In order for our International Office to help you with your entry visa/Dutch residence permit, students must make sure that they complete their online exchange application in time. The completed exchange application is needed to obain your student EUR student number and email account, but more important, to start your visa/residence permit procedures.
  • Deadlines to submit your exchange applications are: May 15 for Fall and May October 15 for Spring. After these dates no smooth processing of visa/residence permit applications and approvals can be guaranteed.
  • Once your exchange application has been aprroved of, our International Office can start your immigration procedure meaning they will automatically enroll you at the Immigration Department at Erasmus University (EUR). 
  • The Immigration Department at EUR will send you further instructions to start your entry visa/Dutch residence permit application. These instructions will be sent to your EUR email account!!! 
  • Once your entry visa / Dutch residence permit has been approved of by the IND (the Dutch immigration and Naturalization Services) you can start preparing all travel arrangements. 



All students who need an entry visa and/or Dutch esidence permit need to pay an immigration fee of  € 192 euro and show proof of sufficient financial resources (living fee) of + € 950 euro per month. 

Please not that the amount for the living fee of approximately € 3800,00 needs to be paid in advance, a rule which has been implemented by the IND. Upon arrival and once the student has opened his/her Dutch bank account, this living fee will be reimbursed to the student within 2 weeks. More information can be found on the EUR website.  And strongly recommended: bring some cash or have access to your current bank account in order to pay for the first costs (rent, deposit etc.)


  • First contact for students who need an entry visa and/or Dutch residence permit is Ms. Sofie van Hattem (Junior Exchange Officer, RSM International Office), email: intoffice@rsm.nl
  • After the student has started his/her entry visa/Dutch residence permit application, students can contact the EUR Immigration Department, email: immigration@eur.nl

Financial Matters

How to open a Dutch bank account

As you will be living in the Netherlands for an extended period of time you are strongly recommended to open a Dutch bank account in the Netherlands, especially for students who have applied for a visa/residence permit, a Dutch bank account is the only way to which their refund (proof of solvency) can be transferred to.

Opening a Dutch bank account can be done at several banks, see also this website 

Refund of financial means deposit / immigration fee

As soon as your exchange at RSM has started and as soon as you have opened a bank account, you can send an email to our immigration department: immigration@eur.nl They will further inform you on how your financial means deposit / immigration fee can be refunded.

Although the immigration department will do their utmost to process your refund as soon as possible, this process may take up some time. It is therefore strongly recommended to bring enough financial means with you to overcome the first weeks of your stay (advised amount: € 1.500,- euro to cover for rent, deposits, etc.).

you will receive an e-mail which includes a refund form from our immigration department. Complete the form and attach the requested annexes (Dutch bank card and/or confirmation letter and payment of deposit). In general it takes about two weeks for the payments to be processed and the money can only be transferred back into a Dutch bank account. 

Costs of living

On this site one can find a rough estimation of costs during your exchange in Rotterdam. Not included in this overview are costs for travelling to Rotterdam and our introduction activities (€ 55, only once, beginning of each full term). Of course, all costs depend on your own life style!

Scholarships & grants  

On this webpage one can find information about scholarships and grants, mostly for full-time students, but you never know! RSM does not provide exchange students with grants or scholarships. 

Insurance & Health

Insurance for international students

You are by law obliged to be properly insured during your time in the Netherlands. Next to being obliged, you also don't want to be surprised by having to pay for an unforeseen issue yourself. 

Make sure you are sufficiently insured for:

  • Medical expenses - including any pre-existing conditions you may have;
  • Third-party liability insurance;
  • Fire and home furnishing insurance - if you will be living in student accommodation.


EUR recommends the following Dutch provider of insurance packages for students, as the coverage meets all the legal requirements in the Netherlands:

This company offers  insurance packages for international students, covering medical expenses, extra-ordinary costs, legal aid, accidents, mental health, liability, and lost baggage and household goods coverage.

Other information on insurances can be found here


During your time in Rotterdam, you might feel the need to talk to someone other than friends or you might need medical assistance. In Rotterdam there are many places you can turn to for help and assistance.

On this website contacts and addresses can be found, for example for psychological help, dentist, doctor or hospital. 

International students are also welcome at Jans Huisartsen Rotterdam Kralingen (close to campus), but students need to register first, how?

See website: https://www.janshuisartsen.nl/en/international-students/


We welcome all exchange students in Rotterdam, the city that never sleeps! 

Finding accommodation in this dynamic city can be a real bottleneck, for this reason and on this site, students can find information on ways to increase a successful search. 

First advice: start in time with looking for accommodation!!! 

Second advice: be aware of scammers!!!!

SSH (Stiching Student Housing)      

SHH is student accommodation provider which only allocates a limited number of rooms on campus or nearby for exchange students at RSM. Our International Office will make sure that all students are informed on how and when to enter the SHH registration system.  Registration in this system does not mean that students are automatically allocated at a SHH room. The rooms are allocated on a first come first erved basis and students outside Europe have priority. Once registered, students have to wait for approval of the RSM International Office and once approved, SHH will send the room offer. Students have one week to accept the offer and to transfer the deposit. 

The minimum period of renting is 4 months and rental period is on a full month's basis, e.g. 1st January to 30th June. Only in the Autumn period the starting date can deviate, e.g. 26 August to 31 December. 

For other accommodation options

Check Facebook RSM Exchange Students 2022-2023

Check Facebook ESN-Rotterdam Housing

We strongly advise students to read the terms and conditions very carefully before signing any rental agreement contract as the RSM is not to be hold responsible for any accommodation contract.  

Find your roommate!

Since temporary accommodation for short term students can be difficult to find, the International Office strongly recommends that students combine forces and look for accommodation together with 2 or 3 fellow students. From experience we know that 2 or 3 bedroom apartments are easier to find in the housing market than one bedroom apartments. To find roommates you can always make use of our Facebook page: RSM Exchange Students 2023-2024

Youth hostels/Student hotel:

If a student cannot enter her/his accommodation before a specific date and he/she needs a place to stay beforehand, please see below a list of recommended youth hostels:  

Social media

Are you curious who you will meet during your exchange? Do you want to know who is also searching for an apartment in Rotterdam or who is planning on joining the same sports club as you are? Then meet your fellow classmates!

Several separate (programme related) groups are already on Facebook, please see below. These pages are meant to welcome you and your fellow classmates so you can get to know each other even before your arrival in Rotterdam.

Please be aware that Facebook is in general an open environment and unfortunately people with wrong intentions may also have access to this network. We recommend not giving any personal details via this environment and being very careful when it comes to the transfer of money for accommodation purposes, as frauds are present.

You are invited to log on to Facebook (and create an account if necessary) so you can join one of these groups:

RSM Exchange Students 2022-23

ESN Rotterdam



Prior to arrival in the Netherlands, students are strongly recommended to get in touch with their Exchange Ambassador (buddy). This person might be of help in organizing you a smooth arrival. Students arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol can book tickets for the Intercity Direct train already near the luggage belt. This train, which runs every half an hour, brings you to Rotterdam in nearly 30 minutes. 

For all other arrivals, the Netherlands and Rotterdam have an excellent public transport system.

Goin Exchange Lite App

If you want to know who is also travelling from your country, city or university to our business school/university, you can use the Goin Exchange Lite App. To have access to this platform a special code is needed. If you want to make use of this app, please contact our International Office, email: intoffice@rsm.nl  The code is only provided with students who are registered as international student for one of our exchange programmes. 



Luqing Shen

BSc Exchange student, Peking University, China

RSM leaves me great impression on its free academic atmosphere. During the courses, students can raise their questions whenever they want and professors will always be willing to explain them. And after class at cafe, V-building and library, we can always see students discussing in groups or looking through papers. Different forms of teamwork are emphasized by the department like dilemma meetings and team presentations. I'm also happy to find that students here are very helpful and responsible, which makes me adapt to new life in Netherlands quickly.


Abhijit Chokshi

BSc Exchange student, Lancaster University, UK

My overall experience in Rotterdam has been very positive. The city centre is very lively with plenty of cultural diversity. The most amazing thing about Rotterdam is that there are plenty of locations to visit and interesting museums to explore. The IBA course is very intense and demanding, but it is really what one would expect from a top business school. The course here is designed to stretch one’s ability and raise standards each trimester. After participating in Rotterdam marathon, my year abroad at RSM has evidently been a life changing experience.

Luis Carlos Martín Fernández

BSc Exchange student, ITESM, Mexico

Experiencing an exchange at RSM has been one the best experiences ever. It’s been a completely new way of taking courses with so many classmates, knowing from high-quality professors, and interacting in a new atmosphere with students all over the world. The buddies help you to adapt the first days of this new adventure, so that after a few days you feel more comfortable and willing to discover and enjoy the experience. RSM exchange has changed my way of living and understanding life.


Julie Rosenthal Brydolf

BSc Exchange student, SSE, Sweden

A semester at RSM was truly one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had! Being on exchange is really journey in terms of adapting to a new environment and doing this together with a group of people from all around the world really creates a special bond between you and your new international friends. Rotterdam is rich in student life and offers a really friendly and fun atmosphere – also it’s very convenient when it comes to travelling to other parts of Europe if you want to explore even more. Going home I’m bringing knowledge, friends and memories for life!

Onurcan Kurucu

BSc Exchange student, University of Bath, England

RSM is an incredibly international school and I met people from all around the world here. We became great friends in such a short time as the exchange programme was managed very well. We had the chance to get to know each other on an integration trip we went for three days. Rotterdam has a lot to offer, there is always something to do, parks, lakes, jazz bars, crazy nightlife, good restaurants, museums, a bazaar and many more! The exchange experience at RSM was one of the most unforgettable times of my university life. Make sure you do not reject such an opportunity :).

Chenyue Yang

BSc Exchange student, Tsinghua University, China

lt's really a wonderful experience for me to study at RSM for an exchange. The campus is so beautiful, with places almost everywhere for study, communication, group projects or just sitting and enjoying the sunlight. Teachers here are kind and willing to help. From the courses I chose at RSM, I've learned how to better handle diversity, how to communicate and collaborate more efficiently as well as knowledge. What's more, activities here are also unforgettable!

Jackie Wong Ching To

BSc Exchange student, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Rotterdam School of Management is the best destination for an exchange journey. Here I have met helpful coordinators, nice buddies, friendly people around and experienced both refreshing ordinary life and vivid party life. RSM is a renowned business school in Europe in which I have taken courses with high standards, especially the minor (Principles of Negotiation). RSM provided me with a platform to meet intelligent business students around the world. My business network was established and we have had a lot of good time with each other. The half year exchange journey is one of the best moments in my life.

Sandesh Menon

BSc Exchange student, SMU, Singapore

Exchange at RSM has been one of the best few months of my life. I would call it a holistic life experience. It offered me the opportunity to study at one of the best business schools in Europe with courses that are interesting and intellectually challenging. It also opened up many doors for me in terms of networking and meeting new people from around the world. The ESN student network organizes many events and parties that have never ever disappointed me. The Queen's day boat trip was really something I will never forget. The Netherlands is a beautiful place with so much beauty.


Students studying at one of our partner schools are welcome to apply for an exchange at RSM and are to be nominated through their home institution.
Nominated students will receive a so-called Welcome e-mail which will inform them on further application procedures, about one month before the application deadline.

Students applying for an undergraduate exchange at RSM are expected to have good academic standing at their home institution, and should have at least completed the second year of undergraduate studies.

Part of your home institution’s selection process is an evaluation of your proficiency in English. We trust our exchange partner schools in nominating students who will not have difficulties in class due to the language.  As a guideline, the following definitions of language levels are applicable: TOEFL iBT score of 90+, an IELTS minimum score 6.5; Level B2.2 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or written proof of a comparable level of English. For TOEIC test scores we require all four components. For the Listening and Reading part, the required minimum is 800 and for the Speaking and Writing part, the required minimum is 320. Non-native English speakers whose existing study programmes are completely taught in English are exempted though proof needs to be provided. In all official statements, the language level needs to be mentioned.

To study at RSM as an undergraduate exchange student, you must first be nominated by your home institution. Please contact your university's study abroad adviser/coordinator for more information on requirements and selection procedures.

Deadlines to be nominated are:
Fall term:          May 1
Spring term:    October 1

In the Welcome e-mail you will receive from our programme manager, you will find further information about the online application procedures. Subsequently, you need to complete the online application and upload requested additional documents (a copy/scan of your recent academic transcript, proof of your proficiency in English). If the application for entry visa and/or residence permit is applicable to you, you will receive information on how to apply from the International Office.

Together with the Welcome e-mail, you will also receive a preliminary course offer overview. The course registration will open later and you will be informed on how and when to register in due time. It is, however, important to already look at the course offer and inform yourself at your home university which courses you are allowed to take during the exchange.

If you have met the academic and English language requirements, the official letter of acceptance will be sent to you via the online system.

Deadlines for application:
Fall term:         May 15
Spring term:   October 15

Contact us

The RSM International Office at RSM facilitates the Bachelor and Master Exchange programmes for both incoming and outgoing students.

The staff members of the International Office are happy to help and advise you prior to, during and after your exchange in Rotterdam. For the most recent information on every programme, please consult the exchange programme’s websites, visit our office or contact us through email: intoffice@rsm.nl

Use the drop-down menu at International Office, to see who to contact for specific information. 

Visiting address:

RSM Erasmus University
International Office
Mandeville (T) Building, Room T05-14, 18 & 22 
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Phone: +31-(0)10-408 2398 
E-mail:  intoffice@rsm.nl

The International Office is located at the 5th floor in the Mandeville (T) Building.

Our offices are T5-22, T5-18 and T5-14. 

Opening hours: 09:00 - 12:00 h - 13:00 - 17:00 h