RSM leaves me great impression on its free academic atmosphere. During the courses, students can raise their questions whenever they want and professors will always be willing to explain them. And after class at cafe, V-building and library, we can always see students discussing in groups or looking through papers. Different forms of teamwork are emphasized by the department like dilemma meetings and team presentations. I'm also happy to find that students here are very helpful and responsible, which makes me adapt to new life in Netherlands quickly.

Luqing Shen
BSc Exchange student, Peking University, China

My overall experience in Rotterdam has been very positive. The city centre is very lively with plenty of cultural diversity. The most amazing thing about Rotterdam is that there are plenty of locations to visit and interesting museums to explore. The IBA course is very intense and demanding, but it is really what one would expect from a top business school. The course here is designed to stretch one’s ability and raise standards each trimester. After participating in Rotterdam marathon, my year abroad at RSM has evidently been a life changing experience.

Abhijit Chokshi
BSc Exchange student, Lancaster University, UK

Experiencing an exchange at RSM has been one the best experiences ever. It’s been a completely new way of taking courses with so many classmates, knowing from high-quality professors, and interacting in a new atmosphere with students all over the world. The buddies help you to adapt the first days of this new adventure, so that after a few days you feel more comfortable and willing to discover and enjoy the experience. RSM exchange has changed my way of living and understanding life.

Luis Carlos Martín Fernández
BSc Exchange student, ITESM, Mexico

A semester at RSM was truly one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had! Being on exchange is really journey in terms of adapting to a new environment and doing this together with a group of people from all around the world really creates a special bond between you and your new international friends. Rotterdam is rich in student life and offers a really friendly and fun atmosphere – also it’s very convenient when it comes to travelling to other parts of Europe if you want to explore even more. Going home I’m bringing knowledge, friends and memories for life!

Julie Rosenthal Brydolf
BSc Exchange student, SSE, Sweden

RSM is an incredibly international school and I met people from all around the world here. We became great friends in such a short time as the exchange programme was managed very well. We had the chance to get to know each other on an integration trip we went for three days. Rotterdam has a lot to offer, there is always something to do, parks, lakes, jazz bars, crazy nightlife, good restaurants, museums, a bazaar and many more! The exchange experience at RSM was one of the most unforgettable times of my university life. Make sure you do not reject such an opportunity :).

Onurcan Kurucu
BSc Exchange student, University of Bath, England

lt's really a wonderful experience for me to study at RSM for an exchange. The campus is so beautiful, with places almost everywhere for study, communication, group projects or just sitting and enjoying the sunlight. Teachers here are kind and willing to help. From the courses I chose at RSM, I've learned how to better handle diversity, how to communicate and collaborate more efficiently as well as knowledge. What's more, activities here are also unforgettable!

Chenyue Yang
BSc Exchange student, Tsinghua University, China

Rotterdam School of Management is the best destination for an exchange journey. Here I have met helpful coordinators, nice buddies, friendly people around and experienced both refreshing ordinary life and vivid party life. RSM is a renowned business school in Europe in which I have taken courses with high standards, especially the minor (Principles of Negotiation). RSM provided me with a platform to meet intelligent business students around the world. My business network was established and we have had a lot of good time with each other. The half year exchange journey is one of the best moments in my life.

Jackie Wong Ching To
BSc Exchange student, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Exchange at RSM has been one of the best few months of my life. I would call it a holistic life experience. It offered me the opportunity to study at one of the best business schools in Europe with courses that are interesting and intellectually challenging. It also opened up many doors for me in terms of networking and meeting new people from around the world. The ESN student network organizes many events and parties that have never ever disappointed me. The Queen's day boat trip was really something I will never forget. The Netherlands is a beautiful place with so much beauty.

Sandesh Menon
BSc Exchange student, SMU, Singapore