The International Office at RSM can be of help with facilitating staff exchange/mobility either for supporting, administrative or teaching staff at one of our partner schools in Europe. In general, Erasmus+ grants are available to financially support a great contribution to staff exchange projects like job-shadowing, teaching, tutorials/seminars/workshops (no conferences!), research supervision of students, distance teaching/online courses, problem-based learning/case studies, own research activities, promotion and/or follow-up monitoring of Erasmus+ mobility, joint events and seminars, participating in staff training week. 

What is the Erasmus+ staff mobility staff?

The Erasmus+ staff mobility grant is an EU-funded grant that helps finance EU staff, teaching and training mobility with other Eramus+ partner institutions. The programme provides subsidies to promote European-level cooperation, exchange, follow-up training and traineeships for university staff members. For those staff members interested, you will have to arrange the programme at the partner institution on your own, but RSM International Office can be of help in reaching out to the right contact persons at the partner school. The other way around, when the International Office at RSM receives invitations for teaching or training mobility events from partner schools, the office will make sure that these invitations are sent out to the appropriate departments or staff members. 
RSM staff visiting an institution abroad for teaching or training may be eligible for funding for minimum duration of 2 days to a maximum of 30 days (excluding 2 travel days). 

Staff mobility to which schools?

Staff mobility on the basis of an Eramus+ grant is only possible with RSM partner schools and with which RSM has a formal student/staff exchange Erasmus+ agreement). For this reason please contact the International Office ( first. 

The Erasmus+ staff mobility grant consists of two funding components:

  1. a daily allowance
  2. a travel cost allowance

Indication of daily allowance:

Day 1-14 : 100 - 120 €
Day 15-60 : funded at 70% of the above amount. 

Travel costs amounts

The travel distances must be calculated using the distance calculator supported by the European Commission. 

Between 10 - 99 km > € 20
Between 100 - 499 km > € 180
Between 500 - 1999 km > € 275
Between 2000 - 2999 km > € 360
Between 3000 - 3999 km > € 530
Between 4000 - 7999 km > € 820

For more information:

Linda de Vries, Head International Office, Email:, tel. (010) 4081984, room T5-18 at Mandeville Building or check this website for detailed information.