Take your next big step right here. With world-class leadership development and industry expertise, our EMBA programme fuels talented professionals like you with everything you need to launch your career in exciting new directions. 

To get started, here’s everything you need to know—from submitting your application to
securing financial aid and making travel arrangements. Together, we can drive your career further than you’ve ever imagined.

Applying for the EMBA

To join our Executive MBA programme in 2020, apply online by 9 December 2019.

How to get started.

1. Submit two letters of recommendation on the reference form provided.
2. Send us scanned copies of transcripts and diplomas from your university or equivalent institution.
3. Complete three essays.*
4. Submit the €100,- application fee.

What we’re looking for.
As provider of one of Europe’s top EMBA programmes, RSM looks for exceptional candidates who demonstrate strong potential as global leaders. Here are the qualities we want to see:

Professional achievements and goals

A minimum of four years of post-graduate work experience, demonstrating your career progression.

Academic excellence

Candidates must have a university degree (bachelor, master, PhD) or equivalent**

English proficiency

A strong command of the English language.

Leadership potential

  • Experience in managing people or projects
  • A mindset that truly values diversity
  • Curiosity about other cultures, and the ability to communicate effectively with people from all backgrounds

Team-building skills

An interest in sharing career experiences with others.

Communication skills

The ability to clearly convey thoughts and ideas, demonstrated through essays and an interview.

Personal qualities

  • Flexibility 
  • A good sense of humour—it’s a great way to build strong relationships.

*Your three essays should address the following topics (for the 2020 intake) and be around 500 words per essay:

1. How do you see your career developing and how will this programme help you achieve your goals?
2. Describe how the socio-economic environment in which you live/work impacts your business decisions. Please explain your answer and use examples from your own experience whenever possible.
3. Describe the most difficult decision you have made and its effect on you.

**The Admissions Committee reserves the right to request that applicants to the Executive MBA programme take a GMAT test as part of the evaluation process, if deemed necessary.