Marjan Groeneveld

Marjan Groeneveld

Name: Marjan Groeneveld
Programme: OneMBA Class of 2016
Nationality: Dutch
Job title: Senior Manager Global Treasury
Company: Royal Vopak
Previous degree: Business Economics and Tax Accounting at HES Rotterdam

1.       Why did you decide to join the OneMBA?           

“With more than 20 years of working life behind me and at least another 20 years to go, I felt like I was on a crossroad. I’ve been in a financing and banking environment for many years, and wanted to broaden my scope. The OneMBA fits perfectly in that respect.”                                                

2.       How is the OneMBA experience affecting your work?    

“When combining studying and working, you realise how much of the programme you can apply immediately in your working environment on a daily basis. I really enjoy using the content we’ve discussed in my OneMBA teams. It’s also really important that your employer supports you when you do the OneMBA. It’s really intensive.”  

3.       What is the return on investment you expect from the OneMBA?

“I haven’t been putting monetary value to this – it’s all about the return on knowledge I’ve gained. This lasts a lifetime and you can put it to work from day one. Your awareness is taken to the next level and makes you a valuable counterpart in everything you will do.”  

4.       How has the Personal Leadership Development programme (PLD) affected you?

“The PLD feels like a two-year journey in which you can further develop your self-awareness, confidence, and the effectiveness of your leadership behaviour through self-analysis, reflection, and intense discussions. You develop your own road map to lead yourself, your organisation and your private life to a better path.”  

5.       Do you notice different cultural approaches to working within global teams?

“I really enjoy learning and working in a culturally diverse environment. It creates a deeper understanding of the impact that cultural diversity brings in your life and work. I experience how different approaches can add value. The different perspectives you’re confronted with really broaden your horizon. You learn to see things from a multidimensional perspective instead of only your own.”  

6.       With your busy schedule, how do you manage the cross-continental projects?

“You need to be flexible when combining studying, working and living your private life. My global team has weekly calls in early mornings, late nights or weekends. The positive energy I get from working with my global team on our projects fully compensates for that.”  

7.       How are you experiencing the Global Residencies?

“The global residency in Washington DC was a fantastic experience: I met more than 125 OneMBA students who were eager to start their learning experience. The next residency takes place in Amsterdam and Istanbul. I look forward to meet my global team again after six month of working with them intensively. In addition to exploring challenging topics, I’m excited to meet my new global team too.”  

8.       What has been the best part of OneMBA for you so far?  

“From day one, you start with a continuing learning journey in a culturally diverse environment. Learning from peers in class is a very energising experience. To experience to what extent I can stretch myself in my working life, personal life, and studying is already very rewarding in itself.”  

9.       After the OneMBA, what does the future hold?   

“One thing is clear: the OneMBA is broadening my view continuously. I am confident I will have more opportunities because of this, probably in a global environment. I’m only halfway through my professional life and hope to create some nice surprises, both on a professional and private level.”