Programme at a Glance

Programme at a Glance

The OneMBA programme is conducted over 21-months and consists of two core components:

  •  Global residencies
  •  Local residencies: comprising local and global courses

Global Residencies 

Four one-week global residencies are held in Asia, Europe, North and South America. You will join fellow OneMBA participants from all five partner schools to study best practices in each region, form virtual teams and network. Each module includes study of both developed and emerging markets. Recent Global Residencies have included study tours that incorporate Washington DC, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, New Delhi and Xiamen.

Local Residencies

At RSM, eleven local residencies take place in Rotterdam from Wednesday to Saturday at approximately six-week intervals and are attended by our Europe-based students. Local residencies consist of global courses, local courses and Personal Leadership Development: 

  •  Global Courses: globally-coordinated courses make up the core of the programme and occur over a common time frame across all OneMBA campuses. Jointly designed with equal input by the partner schools, diverse international perspectives are merged into unique global courses
  •  Local Courses: Regional courses specific to the curriculum of each OneMBA partner school, complement the core courses. These specialised courses focus on the particular business needs and challenges of executives in that region.

Five modules 

The programme is divided into five modules: a start module, three substantive modules and a concluding module. The first module is an extended weekend residency followed immediately by the first global residency. Modules 2, 3 and 4 each consist of three extended weekend (Wednesday to Saturday) local residencies in Rotterdam and all conclude with a week-long global residency. The final module is a three-day local residency. 

The schedule below outlines the schedule for the Global Executive OneMBA. 

Dates outlined in the blue boxes are for Regional Residencies. Dates outlined in the white boxes are Global Residencies (click to enlarge schedule).