Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your graduation documents will include a hard copy RSM diploma as well as an academic transcript, a Diploma Supplement, and a graduation certificate issued by EUR central.

    Kindly note that your RSM diploma is a significant official document that can be issued only once. In case of loss or damage to your diploma RSM will not be able to issue a new Diploma but a graduation statement.

  • Assuming you will meet the graduation requirements, your graduation date is 26 March 2021. Registrar’s office will send you a digitally scanned version of all the graduation documents on or after 26 March via email. Should you need to have a confirmation sooner (e.g., employment reasons), please contact

  • We are striving to offer you an in-person collection of your diploma at RSM; this will be possible after 26 March, corona guidelines permitting. Registrar’s Office will communicate time slots that require pre-signing up; after receiving the assigned timeslot confirmation, we would be very happy to welcome you to RSM’s Bayle building to collect your diploma in person. We intend to have block sign ups, hopefully allowing small groups of graduates (from your own cohort) to together collect your diploma at RSM’s Bayle building in a festive setting. Kindly note that RSM follows the RIVM guidelines, should there be any changes, this will be reflected in the communication sent to you by email. Also, note that it is possible to authorize a 3rd person to pick up your diploma from RSM.

  • We realize that not everyone can collect the diploma in person. Therefore we offer you the option to mail the diploma to your home address via registered mail. This allows you to trace your package with a tracking number. Kindly note that in case of loss or damage to your diploma RSM will not be able to issue a new Diploma but a statement of graduation. Therefore you need to sign an authorization form when opting for the mail delivery service. After 26 March 2021, the registrar’s office will reach out to you with this option and further details. 

  • For a student to receive a degree, all mandatory courses of the curriculum must be completed satisfactory within the program's duration. In February 2021, the Examination Board RSM B.V will meet to ratify all of the students qualifying for 2021 graduation. After this meeting has taken place, the registrar's office will notify each student by email with the outcome, and you will then know if you have graduated, you will be informed if you are qualified for graduation or not.

  • We request each graduate to register and notify us if you are attending. We hope to see everyone of the graduating cohort attend graduation as we intend to use ‘split screens’ and show the graduates quite often during the ceremony. There will be some ‘live’ elements in there that require your involvement. Thus it would be good knowing in advance if you are able to join in for that. Also, note that we are asking you to submit your address in the registration, as we are intending to send you a small parcel containing elements needed for the virtual ceremony. Lastly, the chosen timeslot for the ceremony hopefully makes it possible for graduates outside of The Netherlands also to connect live. 

    Click the registration link in the registration email and complete the form. 

    Kindly note that a video will be created of the entire video and will be sent around afterward. 

  • What is the cut-off date to register for the virtual commencement?

    The deadline to register for the virtual commencement is before February 15, 2021

  • Why should I attend virtual graduation?

    Graduation marks a milestone, an important moment for our graduating class, and we encourage you to participate in the virtual commencement, which is not only a celebration of your achievements but an opportunity to see your classmates, some RSM staff members virtually again in a festive setting. 

    To allow you to connect again with your fellow graduates virtually, RSM has created a 60-minute virtual social platform for you to do so. Kindly note that this 60-minute social is only accessible to your fellow graduates and the moderators only; none of the content will be recorded. We are designing this also to have some fun elements, such as quizzes, polls. Still, we are at the same time also reaching out to your cohort for a few volunteers to give additional input allowing us to customise it for your group.

  • What does online graduation look like?

    We realise that an online setting cannot be a direct copy of the in-person ceremony; therefore, the programme elements have been cut short to focus on what matters the most, which is you: the graduate. Total duration is a maximum of 90 minutes (versus 180 minutes during ‘in-person’ ceremonies).  

    You can find the programme here.

    After the official ceremony has ended, there will be a 60-minute digital social ‘get together,’ exclusively available for the graduates of your cohort and moderators. Here you are able to see your classmates again in a relaxed, fun setting.

  • What if I'm not able to attend?

    Should you be unable to attend the ceremony, then please notify us of this in advance via the registration email that is send to you. Of course, we hope to see everyone virtually again, but know that you are able to watch the recording of the online ceremony which will be shared after the 26 March.
    Registrar’s office will be in touch separately regarding your official graduation documentation.

  • Can my friends and family watch it?

    Yes! The ceremony will be live-streamed, and we will make available a link in advance so that you can share the link with your loved ones who undoubtedly have supported you during your MBA journey. 

    Kindly note that you, as a graduate, will receive an individual Zoom link. Your family and friends will get a different link as we want to involve the graduates during the online ceremony actively and need to be able to distinguish between graduates and friends or family members.

    Your family members will receive the live-link (Youtube) and can watch at the exact moment the ceremony is taking place, or they can re-watch the ceremony once the recording is released.