Data and algorithms are the main drivers for new business models, so business executives must be equipped to manage them both fruitfully and responsibly. Business managers, students and entrepreneurs can join an event organised by the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) to explore the role of blockchain technology versus transparency. Can we access each product’s full social and environmental history for the benefit of designing circular business models and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes? This transparency also creates competitive and reputation risks.

The first in this series of Code of Conduct Deep Dives will take place at Venture Café Rotterdam on Thursday 25 April 2019 from 16:00 to 18:00.

Blockchain x Transparency

Participants will learn and investigate the current challenges on supply chain data insights, and the transparency standards it is facing. They will go through a journey that is a combination of technology, academic insights, business reality and philosophical differences in Blockchain versus Transparency.

Academic and practical mindsets

Moderator Bart Krull will summarise perspectives into the latest thinking of these four speakers:

  • Dr Merieke Stevens, associate professor in technology and operations management at RSM, about the role of digital tools in supply chain management, and advantages and disadvantages of trust in supply chains
  • Paul Smits, CFO at the Port of Rotterdam, about how supply chains can be sustained and transformed using innovation and digital implications without being disruptive
  • Dr Sjoerd van Tuinen, associate professor of philosophy at Erasmus School of Philosophy, about various transparency paradigms
  • Aljosja Beije, logistics and technology lead at Blocklab, about the next steps using Blockchain.

Supply chain analytics

In this Code of Conduct deep dive, Dr. Merieke Stevens will present her Supply Chain Management research, an Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics expertise. “Supply chain analytics focuses on the effective and efficient management of the products and services lifecycle, based on using data and analytics,” says Dr Robert Rooderkerk, one of the academic directors of RSM’s Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics. “Successful supply chain management is imperative for any competitive business. To emphasise the need for businesses to enhance skills and knowledge, the research and teaching is targeted at transportation, sourcing strategies, facility logistics, optimisation and sustainability.”

About Code of Conduct

Digital transforms our very notions on values like trust, control, access, interdependence and security well beyond the current organisational boundaries. What values do humans have in the upcoming algorithm economy?

RSM, Venture Café Rotterdam and Studio Wolfpack offer a series of deep dives for business managers, RSM MBA and master students and entrepreneurs. Each edition of Code of Conduct will feature frontline entrepreneurs who are pushing the boundaries, professors who put both technology and social values in a transitional perspective, and boardroom members explaining how their organisations are handling these new opportunities and challenges. They will explore the outlines of a ‘Code of Conduct’.

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