MScBA Business Analytics & Management

Business has become data-rich, even the more ‘traditional’ sectors of business. They need people who can find the business benefits through decision-driven analytics. Think of supermarkets with their abundance of data, or logistics and its dependence on routing and timing information. 

You’ll learn to understand, solve and communicate operational, tactical and strategic challenges from data in organisations in this specialisation in our one-year, full-time MScBA study programme. 

What these challenges have in common is their complexity. They need advanced analytics. The results can be extremely valuable for business. You will learn to look beyond correlations for causal relationships that can help you tackle real-life problems in the business world. 

After completing your core courses, you can choose from electives such as Analysing digital footprints, Supply chain analytics, or Fintech: business models and applications. You’ll then write your thesis.

  • 102 average number of students in cohort 
  • 48% international MSc students in programme 
  • 95% of MSc graduates employed within 3 months after graduation 
  • Examples of industries where graduates work: consulting, financial services, retail, CPG industry 
  • Examples of graduates’ job titles: marketing analyst, data scientist, business analyst, supply chain analyst, financial analyst, financial modeller, customer journey specialists 

This programme is offered by Erasmus University Rotterdam. For more information about the legal structure of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, visit this page.

Programme highlights

  • Decision-driven rather than data-driven analytics

    Analytics should not revolve around using fancy methods but helping decision-makers. The “who can do what better now” is a central tenet in this programme.

  • Explore and conquer business challenges

    Choose elective courses to develop your understanding of business models and challenges that organisations face in the marketing, operations, finance, and accounting domains.

  • First-hand experiences

    Learn from the real deal: faculty members share findings from their analytics research, and are regulary consulted by practitioners on how to improve the state of analytics inside their organisations. 

  • Exciting learning methods

    Investigate business analytics in lectures, workshops, analytics assignments, and real business cases that are data-rich and have a lot of company involvement.

More about the programme

Hear from our current students

After my business bachelor, a business analysis internship at Amazon (Luxembourg) and working as a web developer at Accenture (Bulgaria), it was time for me to combine my business and technical knowledge, and extend it even further with the MSc in Business Analytics & Management at RSM.

Kameliya Stefanova, Bulgaria (first cohort, MScBA Business Analytics & Management 2021)

 Kameliya Stefanova portrait photo

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