Dr Dion Bongaerts

Dion Bongaerts

Associate Professor of Finance
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
Erasmus University Rotterdam


Dion Bongaerts is an Associate Professor of Finance at RSM Erasmus university. He specializes in the behavior of credit rating agencies, the pricing of credit risky instruments, and the origins and effects of market illiquidity. His work has been presented at major conferences around the world, including the AFA, WFA, EFA and NBER meetings and published in top tier academic journals including the Journal of Finance. He has received several grants, including a Veni grant from the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO) and a Lamfalussy Fellowship from the ECB. Dr Bongaerts holds a PhD degree in Finance from the University of Amsterdam, an MSc in Econometrics from Maastricht University and has been a visiting scholar at Yale School of Management. Moreover, he has several years of professional experience as a risk management quant at ABN-AMRO bank.

Professional experience

Associate Professor

Erasmus University Rotterdam
RSM - Rotterdam School of Management
Department of Finance


Key Publications (4)

Scholarly Publications (7)

Doctoral Thesis

  • D.G.J. Bongaerts (2010, juni 11). Overrated Credit Risk. UvA Prom./coprom.: Prof. Dr. J.J.A.G. Driessen & Prof. Dr. F.C.J.M. De Jong.


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Media items

  • Green bond issuance: Denmark's split offering

    An article in which Dion Bongaert's and Dirk Schoenmaker's research on green bonds is mentioned. The research proposed unbundling green bonds into a standard bond and a green certificate to take care of the green earmarking of…

  • Studio Erasmus - Kan blockchain het internet redden?

    Dion Bongaerts, Associate Professor of Finance at RSM discusses blockchain and the internet during Studio Erasmus.

Discovery item

Business shutdowns save lives

Business shutdowns saved 9,000 human lives in Italy new research finds


Data Management & Ethics

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Risk management

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Principles of Financial Modeling

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Corporate finance

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ERIM Research Clinic Finance

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Risk management

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