PhD Candidate (parttime programme)

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Academic (1)
  • De Savornin Lohman, E. A. J., Tanis, P. J., Den Boer, F. C., Boerma, E. G., Van Den Boogaart, D., Bouwman, H., Broos, A., Dam, M. J., Dekker, J. W. T., Deroose, J. P., Dijkstra, N., Driessen, M. L. S., Duinhouwer, L. E., El-Massoudi, Y., Elfrink, A. K. E., Van Essen, J. A., Ferenschild, F. T. J., Geraedts, A. C. M., Giesen, L. J. X., ... De Zeeuw, S. (2023). Oncological Safety and Potential Cost Savings of Routine vs Selective Histopathological Examination After Appendectomy: Results of the Multicenter, Prospective, Cross-Sectional FANCY Study. Annals of Surgery, 277(3), E578-E584.

Internal (1)
  • Heeren, J. (2022). Management Innovation in the Military, Practice Adaptation Processes and Innovation Performance Consequences: Solving the Paradox Between Institutional Pressure, Rational Motivation and Implementation Misfit. [Doctoral Thesis, Erasmus University Rotterdam]. Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).