Kamila Moulaï
Academic Researcher
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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I am a Belgian postdoctoral researcher (Marie Curie Postdoc), and my work aims to contribute to a better understanding of how workers' identity evolves in contact with organizational experiences in a changing world of work, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and human-technologies interactions. I further analyze how these changes enable or constrain professional roles.

I use qualitative methods, and an interdisciplinary lens where I build on sociology, continental philosophy and communication to approach organizational and managerial phenomena.

I am a fellow of the Howard Brain Sciences Foundation (the USA, which was initially a spin-off of the Mind Machine Project MIT); a research associate of the International Research Centre on Globalisation and Work (CRIMT, Canada); a member of the Cluster for the Study of Organizations and Markets (COSM, University of Melbourne, Australia); a member of the Psychology of AI segment (ECDA, Erasmus, the Netherlands). I was a visiting scholar at Monash University (Emerging Technologies Research Lab., invited by the director and leading ethnographer Prof. Sarah Pink), a visiting scholar at the University of Melbourne (invited by Prof. Graham Sewell), a visiting researcher at the CRIMT Université de Montréal (invited by the director, Prof. Gregor Murray). I am the Head and Founder of the REIYS (voluntary)  initiative (Rejoice in Yourself and Success). 


-Bronze medal at Euroscience MSCA Sattelite Event. 2022       

-MSCA Individual Fellowship. 2021

-Research Diffusion Award. 2019

-Inter-university Mobility Award. 2018

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Academic (2)
  • Moulai, K., Islam , G., Manning, S., & Terlinden , L. (2022). "All Too Human" or the emergence of a techno-induced feeling of being less-able: identity work, ableism and new service technologies. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 33(22), 4499-4531.

  • Moulai, K., Manning, S., & Guttormsen , D. (2021). Heeding the call from the promised land: identity work of self-initiated expatriates before leaving home. The International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Professional (1)
  • Moulai, K., & Manning, S. (2022). Keeping your talents by setting them free. HR Magazine UK, May/June(2022).

Academic (1)
  • Moulai, K. (2020). Video surveillance in working contexts and business legitimacy: A foucauldian approach. In Handbook of Business Legitimacy: Responsibility, Ethics and Society (pp. 1359-1379). Springer-Verlag.

Academic (3)
  • Moulai, K., Islam , G., & Holm, M. (Accepted/In press). Mindformance in performance-oriented finance. Academy of Management. Annual Meeting Proceedings, Forthcoming.

  • Moulai, K., & Taskin, L. (2021). Self-initiated Expatriation as an Emancipatory act: A Rancièrian Perspective. Academy of Management. Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2021(1).

  • Moulai, K., & Guttormsen , D. (2019). Here Too, Responsible Leadership Has a Role to Play. Academy of Management Proceedings, Slovenia (2019).

  • Brussels Entreprises Commerce and Industry: How to recruit workers in a Covid era

    Oral presentation (Professional)