Sameer Mehta
Assistant Professor
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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Academic (5)
  • Dawande, M., Mehta, S., & Mu, L. (2023). Robin Hood to the Rescue: Sustainable Revenue-Allocation Schemes for Data Cooperatives. Production and Operations Management, 32(8), 2560-2577.

  • Mehta, S., Dawande, M., Janakiraman, G., & Mookerjee, V. (2022). An Approximation Scheme for Data Monetization. Production and Operations Management, 31(6), 2412-2428.

  • Deo, S., Mehta, S., & Corbett, C. J. (2022). Optimal Scale-Up of HIV Treatment Programs in Resource-Limited Settings Under Supply Uncertainty. Production and Operations Management, 31(3), 883-905.

  • Mehta, S., Dawande, M., Janakiraman, G., & Mookerjee, V. (2021). How to Sell a Data Set? Pricing Policies for Data Monetization. Information Systems Research, 32(4), 1281-1297.

  • Mehta, S., Dawande, M., Janakiraman, G., & Mookerjee, V. (2020). Sustaining a Good Impression: Mechanisms for Selling Partitioned Impressions at Ad Exchanges. Information Systems Research, 31(1), 126-147.

Professional (1)

External (1)
  • Mehta, S. (2020). Monetization of High-Technology Products and Services. [Doctoral Thesis, University of Texas at Dallas].

Academic (1)

Academic (1)
  • Bühler, M. M., Calzada, I., Cane, I., Jelinek, T., Kapoor, A., Mannan, M., Mehta, S., Mookerje, V., Nübel, K., Pentland, A., Scholz, T., Siddarth, D., Tait, J., Vaitla, B., & Zhu, J. (2023). Unlocking the Power of Digital Commons: Data Cooperatives as a Pathway for Data Sovereign, Innovative and Equitable Digital Communities. Digital, 3(3), 146-171.