Dr Sofya Isaakyan

Sofya Isaakyan

Assistant Professor
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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Sofya Isaakyan is an Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the Department of Organisation and Personnel Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. She received her Ph.D. in Organizational Behaviour from Maastricht University in 2018. Her research focuses on understanding employees' upward expression of ideas and concerns about work-related issues (i.e., voice behavior) and the corresponding reactions by managers and team members. In her work, she also explores factors affecting leadership development and leader identity. Before entering academia, Sofya worked as a consultant and evaluated the effectiveness of leadership development programs.

Professional experience

Assistant Professor

Erasmus University Rotterdam
RSM - Rotterdam School of Management
Department of Organisation and Personnel Management


Behaviour in organisations

  • Study year: 2019/2020
  • Code: BK1102
  • Level: Bachelor 1

Managerial and group decision making

  • Study year: 2019/2020, 2018/2019, 2017/2018
  • Code: BMME045
  • ECTS: 6 Level: Master, Master, Master, Master, Master

Organisational Behaviour

  • Study year: 2019/2020
  • Code: BT1102
  • Level: Bachelor 1, Bachelor 1

Past courses

Behaviour in organisations

  • Study year: 2018/2019
  • Code: BKB010
  • ECTS: 6 Level: Bachelor 1

Organisational Behaviour

  • Study year: 2018/2019, 2017/2018
  • Code: BAP071
  • ECTS: 6 Level: Bachelor 1, Bachelor 1