Dr Tina Davidson

Tina Davidson

Assistant Professor
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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Tina Davidson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Organisation and Personnel Management of Rotterdam School of Management. 

She is interested in how organizations, leaders, and employees can build a level playing field to better benefit from the full spectrum of diversity at work. In particular, her work focuses on the dynamics of upward constructive voice, leadership/followership, and leadership development in (culturally) diverse contexts.

Professional experience

Assistant Professor

Erasmus University Rotterdam
RSM - Rotterdam School of Management
Department of Organisation and Personnel Management


Professional Publications

Scholarly Publications (2)


Discovery item

The effects of guanxi on employee voice

We look at work relationships from a western perspective, but it may be beneficial to understand the Chinese concept of guanxi.


Strategic HRM

  • Study year: 2020/2021
  • Code: BM07HRM
  • Level: ERIM, Exchange, IM/CEMS, Master

High Performance Leadership

  • Study year: 2020/2021, 2019/2020, 2018/2019, 2017/2018
  • Code: BMME043
  • ECTS: 6 Level: Master, Master, Master, Master, Master

HRM Master Thesis

  • Study year: 2020/2021
  • Code: BMMTHRM
  • ECTS: 16 Level: Master

HRM-OCC Master Thesis

  • Study year: 2020/2021
  • ECTS: 16 Level: Master

OCC Master Thesis

  • Study year: 2020/2021
  • Code: BMMTOCC
  • ECTS: 16 Level: Master

Past courses

Cross Cultural Management

  • Study year: 2019/2020, 2018/2019, 2017/2018
  • Code: BAB23
  • Level: Bachelor 2, Bachelor 2

Leading People, Teams, and Organisations for Excellence

  • Study year: 2018/2019
  • Code: BKBMIN004
  • ECTS: 15 Level: Bachelor 3