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Wenjie Liu
PhD Candidate
Department of Management
College of Business
City University of Hong Kong

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Academic (2)
  • Liu, W., & Heugens, P. P. M. A. R. (2024). Cross-sector collaborations in global supply chains as an opportunity structure: How NGOs promote corporate sustainability in China. Journal of International Business Studies, 55(4), 429-449.

  • Liu, W., Heugens, P., Wijen, F., & van Essen, M. (2022). Chinese management studies: a matched-samples meta-analysis and focused review of indigenous theories. Journal of Management, 48(6), 1778-1828.

Academic (1)
  • Liu, W., Heugens, P., Wijen, F., & Essen, M. (2021). Assessing and extending the unique contributions of Chinese management studies. Academy of Management. Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2021(1), Article Best Papers.

Academic (1)
  • Liu, W., Heugens, P., & Wijen, F. (2020). State political ideology as a corporate control mechanism: Evidence from China. In Academy of Management Conference proceedings

Internal (1)
  • Liu, W. (2023). An indigenous perspective on institutions for sustainable business in China. [Doctoral Thesis, Erasmus University Rotterdam]. Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).


OLD STYLE - Corporate Strategy and Growth

  • Study year: 2023/2024, 2022/2023, 2021/2022, 2020/2021
  • Code: BMSM03
  • Level: ERIM, Exchange, IM/CEMS, Master

Past courses

Sustainable Strategies

  • Study year: 2021/2022
  • Code: BMME085
  • Level: Master, Master, Master, Master

Qualitative research in Strategic Management & Strategic Entrepreneurship

  • Study year: 2019/2020, 2018/2019
  • ECTS: 4 Level: Master, Master, Master, Master

Research Training & Bachelor Thesis

  • Study year: 2019/2020
  • Code: BAD10
  • Level: Bachelor 3

Research training/bachelor thesis

  • Study year: 2018/2019
  • Code: BKBBTH
  • ECTS: 12 Level: Bachelor 3, Pre-master