SDG Dashboard Project

Now forming September 2022 - join a team of RSM master students for collecting data to present proof of RSM’s active contributions to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) along the pillars of RSM Strategy 2024. The results will be presented in a real-time SDG Dashboard in Spring 2023.

This team will unleash the power of data from four RSM strategy pillars: education (in the curriculum and from research); engagement, operations, and planning and administration. The team’s focus is to corral and organise data about the sustainability activities at RSM so it can be quantified and qualified. The aim of this web-based dashboard is to gain the trust and support of stakeholders at the same time as it fosters organisational awareness of the SDGs. It will give a baseline from which to measure RSM’s progress, and will organise the collection of data for reporting and ranking.

The team is coached by Joey Johannsen, RSM’s Sustainability Coordinator and the Positive Change Student Assistant (to be named).

Bring your strategy, data analytics and business information skills to light. Step inside the school’s infrastructure and build upon the past two years of momentum-building work on this project. 

Feel inspired? Join SDG Dashboard Project!

As a team member, you can:

• apply your training and new course learning in business information and analytics

• learn how a university reports on the SDGs. Build on the research from last year’s team.

• be part of a team designing an important tool that will be used throughout the school’s immediate future

• interact with representatives of RSM departments to gather data to begin tracking KPI performance

• experience being a driver of change; strengthening the relationship between goals, positive outcomes and transparent reporting.

You can join the SDG Dashboard Project if you’re an RSM master student. Join the team by sending your CV and short motivation letter to before 18 September, 09:00.

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