Eva Rood

Director of the Positive Change Initiative

Eva Rood is Director of the Positive Change Initiative and facilitates positive change through business development and innovation projects. She is project leader of the EU-funded European Network for the Advancement of Business and Landscape Education.

Portrait of Eva Rood

Fey Al Faidi

Management trainee at the Positive Change Initiative

Fey Al Faidi is a LDE trainee within the team. She obtained her bachelor Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management and her master Public Management at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Combining both backgrounds, she specialises in interdisciplinary issues.

Portrait of Fey Al Faidi

Liva Liepa

Student assistant for the Positive Change Initiative

Liva Liepa is a student assistant for the Positive Change Initiative. She has an academic background in Finance. After completing her premaster at RSM, she is now pursuing a master degree in Global Business & Sustainability at RSM.

Portrait of Liva Liepa

Joey Johannsen

Sustainability Coordinator

Joey Johannsen , Sustainability Coordinator at RSM since 2011. Joey designs and implements signature student-centered learning activities and events around the themes of sustainable development and responsible management. She is dedicated to activating the ‘Regenerative Business’ movement with partner businesses, ecosystem and natural science colleagues throughout the Netherlands and abroad.  

Portrait of Jey Johannsen

Helena Aires de Campos

Student assistant for the Positive Change Initiative

Helena Aires de Campos is a student assistant for the positive change initiative. She first studied International Business Administration (IBA) at RSM and completed her first master in Media & Business at Erasmus University. She is now pursuing her second master degree in Strategic Management at RSM.

Portrait of Helena

Bernice Boshuis

Student assistant for the Positive Change Initiative

Bernice Boshuis is a student assistant for the Positive Change Initiative. After having obtained her bachelor’s in International Business & Management Studies she started working for Difrax as an Online Marketplace Specialist. Next to working she completed her premaster at RSM. In September she started as a Global Business & Sustainability master student at RSM.

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