The SDG Student Ambassadors

The Positive Change Initiative recruits student ambassadors for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A group of driven students will take the lead in their own projects to bring each of the SDGs to life.

Team Projects '20-'21

  • We need your keen insights and analytical skills to create and implement a dashboard that shows our school’s SDG performance. Do you love to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) by organising data and working within a team structure? Can you set a baseline for quality, and chart and drive an organisation’s efforts to report it? Do you want to learn how to design a dashboard that feeds into EUR’s strategy reports so we can create a real-time visual representation of our actions at the business school?

    We will be gathering data on the SDGs and activities happening in our business school – in our academic departments and in our professional services and support operations. This team opens the door to the matrix – the internal operations of our business school – to examine what is important, what we are doing, and to make our positive societal impact  transparent; we will be mapping our contributions to the SDGs.

    What’s in it for you?

    • Apply your training in business information and analytics
    • Learn how a university reports on the SDGs
    • Be part of a team designing an important dashboard that can be used in the future
    • Interact with representatives of RSM departments to gather data, and with EUR project management to enhance systems for data storage.
    • Experience being a driver of change; strengthening the relationship between goals, positive outcomes and transparent reporting

    Email your CV and a brief motivation to

    Apply by 28 September
    Team: 5 students
    Top Candidates will be contacted the following week and invited to an interview

  • Want to get a jump start on writing your own thesis? This team activity is a valuable learning opportunity for you to identify key elements of quality research.

    Former members have finished their year’s work on this team with a clear understanding of how to construct a quality thesis – and have excelled in writing their own theses.

    The Sustainability Master Thesis Award team is looking for you to join and offer your critical reviews to recognise and select the best master theses that demonstrate academic excellence while contributing to business and society; we’re looking for the top theses that tackle the important issues of our time.

    As a member of this Award selection team, you are responsible for selecting the top five sustainability-related master theses written at RSM during the previous academic year. These theses align with one of the SDGs and have received a mark of 8.5 or higher; you will be briefed on how to assess and rank them based on several elements.

    You interact with a team of business professionals (hosted by our corporate sponsor) to further review the five nominees that you have selected in order for the judges to select a winner and a runner-up. For the past 12 years, KPMG has been our steadfast partner with this project.  

    Be part of creating the Award Ceremony at the RSM STAR Sustainability Forum Spring 2021!

    What’s in it for you?

    • Prepare for your thesis-writing this semester
    • Take note of top-ranked RSM theses from 2019-2020
    • Work with other dedicated students to select the top five theses
    • Interact with our corporate sponsor to create the spring award ceremony

    Email your CV and a brief motivation to

    Apply by 28 September
    Team: 6 students
    Top Candidates will be contacted the following week and invited to an interview

Ambassador Projects '19-'20

  • Annelies Buist and Mandy de Jong have given two talks on the SDGs to elementary school children (aged 8-10) in Maasluis, Rotterdam. Mandy and Annelies rediscovered the creativity and open-mindedness of children and are hopeful that they were able to inspire and motivate them to make a difference.

  • Maren Siegert has a goal to make RSM’s resources for student well-being more visible and accessible. She has completed an inventory of the resources available and is working on a hub that will store it all. Her project spans the entire Erasmus university and she hopes to create a student-friendly and inclusive space that will serve as a physical place for discussion. With anxiety becoming more common, her project is extremely timely and vital for campus.

  • Kasper Kupperman and Jacob Hietink, both ambassadors for SDG 15: Life on Land, are broadcasting the value of planting trees. They co-founded The Green Branch Company (their website is still ‘in bud’) to partner with organisations to invest in land restoration and reforestation projects in Porto Grande, Brazil. Kasper is meeting their farmers and stakeholders in Porto Grande, as they lay the foundation of their project. Jacob has just returned and will connect their projects to companies who want to take the most recent steps in becoming a sustainable frontrunner. The Green Branch brings a new awareness and knowledge of agroforestry to Brazil together with students of Wageningen University and are working with a data company to measure tree growth and carbon capture.

Making an impact

As the advocate for their SDG, students decide in what way their efforts will take shape, be it raising awareness through blogging, raising funds, events, or establishing collaborations, as long as they create local impact. They are encouraged to work with each other as well as alumni, and to make the most out of their initiatives throughout the year.

The Positive Change Initiative will support the students through organizing events and offering brainstorm opportunities.