The Partnerships Resource Centre

The Partnerships Resource Centre

PEP: Promoting Effective Partnering

PEP offers knowledge and resources on partnering to practitioners working in partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through a newly created facility, people can learn about partnering, access help, share experiences and exchange ideas.

In 2015, world leaders agreed on the SDGs. Implementation of these goals requires a collective effort by governments, research institutions, the private sector and civil society organisations – enshrined in SDG 17 (‘Partnership’). The goals are designed to address poverty, hunger, food security, sustainable agriculture, education, gender equality and much more.

But partnering can be challenging. For this reason, a group of leading thinkers in partnering have been working together over the past 15 months to pool their knowledge and rich practical experience to identify and share what it takes to really raise the bar of effective partnering. These leading thinkers are CLI, PBA, PiP, PrC, and TPI.

Go to to see what they have come up with to enable practitioners across the globe to improve their partnering efforts and bring about transformational results. The information presented is not intended to be prescriptive – rather, we invite partners to question our approaches as well as their own. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The next step for PEP will be to activate a vibrant platform offering opportunities to learn from the experience of peers and to seek support when things are not going according to plan. PEP will officially be presented during the Second High Level Meeting of the GPEDC in Nairobi (November 28 - December 1). For more information, please check out

Do you have any questions? Contact PEP coordinator Marieke de Wal at or at +31 10 408 1126. 

Wicked Problems Plaza's around the Sustainable Development Goals

In 2016, the Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC), together with the the New World Campus (NWC) and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) program ‘Duurzaam Door’, organises 6 Wicked Problem Plaza’s (WPP’s). These WPP’s are all related to sustainable development and fit within one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Each of these 6 meetings consists of a stakeholder dialogue in the Wicked Problems Plaza at NWC, and a related public event. For more info, click here.  For a Dutch article on the latest WPP in the series, see here.