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Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) may be using your name and contact details for the purposes of marketing and advertising by offering desired information about RSM services via mailings, social media and search engines providers. The offers are linked to your initial request or purchase at RSM.

RSM has access to your personal data when you have:

  • downloaded a brochure or the white paper of RSM programmes
  • subscribed to an RSM newsletter
  • registered for one of the events or programmes organised by RSM
  • applied for CV assessment or received a course preview
  • done your TOEFL/GMAT test and granted permission to share your data with higher education institutions.

Your personal data is stored in RSM’s Customer Relationship Management system and is retained for five years. You may always opt-out by unsubscribing from the newsletter or submitting a request at RSM.

For more information about your rights and RSM activities on data protection, refer to the RSM privacy statement.