Advancing in-company innovation through research

Inspired by real day-to-day business challenges and problems, and working directly with organisations and businesses, our centres of expertise bring together faculty members from multiple disciplines. They conduct applied and focused research and teaching in specialised areas in order to advance in-company innovation. RSM is home to eight Centres of Expertise, each of them presenting our expertise in a domain of management research, and often in a multidisciplinary manner.

Communicating to business

RSM also plays an important role in communicating management theory to business practitioners and in bringing first-hand knowledge of business practice to management education. It does this through three actions: teaching, connecting and innovating theory and practice:

Impact for research

By partnering with RSM’s research institute, the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM), our world-class researchers develop unique and new knowledge in multiple areas of management research. ERIM’s teams and themes operate a wide range of initiatives to realise impact for their research through interaction with the outside world.