Behaviour of electric vehicle users

Behaviour of electric vehicle users

In this study, the aim is to explore how EV users adjust their demand for electricity given different pricing schemes (flat, time of use and real time pricing). The proposition is that as expected, value maximizers will try to charge their vehicles at a lower price, however this will be bounded by specific macroeconomic conditions as well as individual preferences and behaviors as well as by external influences.

The research question is:

What are the factors that impact the price elasticity of demand for electricity of EV users?

Business Relevance

Gaining a deeper understanding of the factors and behaviors influencing the charging patterns of electric vehicle users under different tariffs, and especially real time pricing, this study will provide valuable information for the development of effective and efficient pricing schemes to be used in future smart energy markets. Furthermore the application has the potential to raise awareness by allowing users to gain experience in using an electric vehicle and possibly switching to that mode of transportation in the future.

Collaboration and research partners

The research and development of the presented study is being conducted within the Erasmus Center for the Future of Energy Business. The authors of this study are Ksenia Koroleva, Micha Kahlen, Wolf Ketter and Fabian Lanz from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) and Laurens Rook from TU Delft.

Furthermore the development of the Android application is been carried by Govert Buijs, Scientific developer at RSM in collaboration with Fabian Lanz, Research Assistant and Student in the MSc Business Information Management.

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The functionality of the app can be seen in a short video.