Our Approach to Leadership Development

We are committed to developing leaders that are a force for positive change for themselves, for others, for their organisations, and for society as a whole.

Leadership expeditions

In August 2018 we took a group of Executive MBA students on a leadership expedition to Hardangervidda National Park in Norway. In this video the students describe how this expedition has impacted their leadership identity.

RSM Leadership Expedition Norway
RSM Leadership Expedition Norway  
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Shaping leadership education

We host a monthly round-table session with RSM faculty and staff to help shape the curriculum for the personal leadership development (PLD) track that every student undertakes. We support faculty members in designing the PLD curricula and translate the latest insights from scientific research into hands-on leadership development training to enable students and professionals to accelerate their careers and their personal growth.

Core principles Objectives

We need it to work:

Developing leadership is about enhancing soft skills that are based on hard evidence. We use research-based evidence to support our teaching.We give you tools that work to develop your leadership skills.

A knowledge update:

Our programmes provide you with up-to-date knowledge on what drives effective leadership. This goes beyond simple dos and don’ts to provide you with an understanding of how and why something works and –even more important- when it does not.

Out of your comfort zone:

Developing leadership is not an easy task because changing habits is hard. It therefore requires a range of methods. We use state-of-the-art, inter-disciplinary methods aimed at stretching participants beyond their current situation and established ways of thinking.

A mindset update:

We challenge your current view of the world – broadening your thinking, investigating your assumptions, and expanding your view of how the world works and your role in it.

We make it personal:

Everyone’s leadership approach is distinct, and so is everyone’s development journey. We pride ourselves on personalising each trajectory as much as possible within a larger programme, and devote time and attention to the whole person behind your leadership.

An identity update:

Participants who have been through our programme indicate that they achieve more clarity on who they are and where they are headed. We understand that a clear identity is essential because leadership emanates from who one is as much as the knowledge and skills one brings to the role.

We believe everyone can lead:

In defining leadership as a force for positive change, we recognise that leadership is for everyone, not just reserved for those in upper management. All of us can be leaders in our own way, even without a formal position of authority. Understanding this requires both confidence and humility.

A behavioral update:

Ultimately, you will develop key behaviours that are known to make a difference in terms of effective leadership. Our programmes allow you to experiment with new behaviours using specific exercises so that the learned behaviour becomes ingrained and second nature.