Port Executive Leadership Circle

Port Executive Leadership Circle

The Port Executive Leadership Circle is a week-long intensive leadership programme targeting port executives from all over the world.

Unlike most leadership programmes, the Port Executive Leadership Circle uses cases that are contributed by the participants themselves. An academic approach is taken to these complex problems so that the participants can learn to understand them better in their totality and start to work on possible solutions.  

Another thing that makes the programme special is the personalised development process. From the in-depth personal intake to the development of tailored study material based on the input of participants and the follow-up of individual leadership programmes later.

“You don’t just learn in the programme, you actively contribute by sharing your knowledge. In this way, we create an ongoing learning circle of people who are dedicated to changing the leadership in the port,” says Dr Hannes Leroy, academic director of Erasmus Centre for Leadership.

The Port Executive Leadership Circle is a joint initiative of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

Read more about the content of the study programme on RSM’s Executive Education website.