Dr Greetje Schouten

Greetje’s research focuses on partnerships between NGOs, businesses and governments, mainly in the field of sustainable food and agriculture. Within this broad field she developed two main research lines. The first is on processes of legitimization of transnational standard-setting multi-stakeholder partnerships and their relation to more localized governance arrangements, mainly in the global South. The second centres on the role of partnerships in processes of inclusive development. A common denominator of these two research lines is a focus on the institutional fit between globally or internationally designed interventions and the diverse local realities in which these are implemented. Within her research, Greetje aims to apply and advance qualitative methodologies, among which comparative configurational methodologies (e.g. QCA). Most of the research projects she is involved in have an action research component. Greetje is section editor of the Research Section of the Annual Review of Social Partnerships, which is an annual publication bringing together academic and practitioner work on cross-sector partnerships.

Key publications include:

Schouten, G., & Glasbergen, P. (2011). Creating legitimacy in global private governance: The case of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Ecological economics, 70(11), 1891-1899.

Schouten, G., & Bitzer, V. (2015). The emergence of Southern standards in agricultural value chains: A new trend in sustainability governance?. Ecological Economics, 120, 175-184.

Schouten, G., Vellema, S., & Wijk, J. V. (2016). Diffusion of global sustainability standards: The institutional fit of the ASC-Shrimp standard in Indonesia. Revista de Administração de Empresas, 56(4), 411-423.