Practical Information & Need to Know

Practical Information & Need to Know

This section Practical Information & Need to know is constantly being updated and provides incoming students with all practical information prior to and upon arrival in Rotterdam.

For additional information, the International Office can be contacted:


International Student Handbook

Pre-departure information, first days at Erasmus University Rotterdam, all you need to know about studying at Erasmus University and general information about Rotterdam and the Netherlands.

University Library

The University Library has several functions: meeting, studying and working together.

Erasmus Sports & The Sports Building

Erasmus Sport offers an extensive sports program throughout the academic year. With the Erasmus Sport pass you get unlimited access to all parts of the bodyfit program and the squash courts. You can also upgrade your pass to make use of the fitness facilities.

Studium Generale, Erasmus Culture

Studium Generale organizes scientific, social and cultural programmes throughout the year for students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The programme consist of lectures and debates, monthly talk shows, cultural and scientific events and a wide range of cultural courses and performances.

Erasmus Student Network

Erasmus Student Network Rotterdam co-operates closely with EUR's International Office to enchance academic and social experiences for international students in Rotterdam. It organises a wide range of social activities and weekly international drinks receptions. They also offer city trips, sporting activities, musical and cultural events.

Code of Conduct

RSM hosts a large number of students in its various programmes. It is important for us and our student community to have a code of conduct describing the main rules of behaviour at this school. Some view rules of conduct as self-evident and comply with them automatically. Others find them less clear and may even be unfamiliar with such codes.

The aim of this document is therefore to clarify the rules of conduct and make them transparent for all RSM students. These rules relate not only to conduct during classes, but also conduct among students, conduct towards instructors, including in evaluations of courses, and conduct while conducting research. By complying with these rules, we may prevent undesirable behaviour towards one another and mutually ensure a positive and pleasant study environment.