Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Full semester and/or Short Programme
Incoming Master exchange students participate in courses which belong to our specialized Master’s programmes.  Our Master programme is a 1-year graduate programme. The academic year is divided upon a block based system. Exchange students are welcome to participate in a 2-block term (both Autumn and Spring) or participate in a short programme, meaning one block of courses. This short option is only possible in our Spring term. 

The academic calendar roughly looks as follows: 

Fall:             End of August – mid December (full semester)
Spring:        End of January – end of May (full semester)
Block 3:       End of January – end of March (short programme)
Block 4:       End of March – end of May (short programme)

Introduction programme

Prior to each term, an introduction programme is organized. This programme is compulsory for all incoming students. After you have been nominated, you will receive a Welcome Mail in which the date of the introduction programme is announced to you. The Introduction programme consists of an informative presentation and an activity. This introduction is mandatory.