Selection outcome

Selection outcome

If you do not meet the selection criteria, you can no longer participate in the selection process. Those concerned will be notified by email around mid-January, 2020.

Students who are selected for any exchange programme abroad will be informed by their EUR email address on the designated exchange places in the 1st or 2nd week of February, 2020. Exact date to be announced.
In the email you will find a link which will direct you to the start page of your online application form. On the top of the page, in the blue bar, you will need to click on the offer button. Here you can either accept or decline your offer within 5 days after the offer has been sent to you.
Please be aware that after completion of the form you will need to press the submit button. If this is done correctly you will be automatically directed to the next page which states that your offer has been received.

After selection instructions on how to proceed with your exchange preparations will be given to you. A so-called Pre-Departure Session will be planned for all selected students. However, some of you need to take immediate action to arrange the application at the partner university, these students will be contacted via email.
Traditionally the results of the selection process are festively celebrated with a drink for all selected students. This drink is not only a perfect opportunity to meet your fellow students who are going to the same exchange destination, but you will also meet the students who are currently doing their exchange in Rotterdam whom you can ask for information and advice.

Students who are not selected for an exchange abroad will be notified by the programme manager of the Bachelor Exchange Programme by their EUR email address between around the last week of January/first week of February, 2020. Exact date to be announced.
This bad news is for students who are not selected because, including but not limited to:

  • they scored lower on the selection criteria than others for the same exchange place(s);
  • they only applied for one particular partner school (or just a few) for which there were better applicants;
  • they were not open to alternative destinations;
  • they failed to show a proper plan for the progress of their study or language skills.

 The results of the selection are final and non-negotiable.

You are not able to switch your designated spot with a spot offered to another student.

You will have to accept or decline an offer within the given deadline. After the deadline, it is up to the Selection Committee to decide whom will be offered a left over spot. The students who have not been offered any destination at all are first in line. The Selection Committee will apply the same selection criteria and the same process as the first selection.