The reason that you chose your 3 preferred destinations plays a crucial role in the selection process. Therefore, we advise you to devote a sufficient amount of time to preparing your application. The motivation letter is part of the online application for your exchange and is the way to let us know about your reasons.

Your letter should:

  • include a detailed description of what you hope to accomplish (both on academic and personal level) during your exchange for each of the three specific destinations in your top three;
  • clearly explain why you have chosen those destinations, with the main focus on the universities, and make it as personal as possible;
  • not include generic terms such as “high rankings” and “great location”, try to avoid using these;
  • be well structured and thoughtfully written;
  • be written in English.

This motivation letter may not exceed 6.000 characters (text and spaces). If you copy-paste from Word, please keep in mind that Word does not count hard returns as a character, the online application system does. Especially when you copy-paste; check if your full letter is shown in the field.

It's not easy to write a good motivation letter and students often wonder how to start. Here are some questions that you could ask yourself to help you getting started:

  • How will your selected destinations/schools support your personal, academical and professional goals?
  • How have you prepared for your exchange abroad?
  • What makes you an ideal candidate for the schools selected?
  • What makes you a better candidate than your peers? What makes you different?

Some useful notes when writing your motivation letter:

  • if whatever you write about the university or destination can be written by your peers (rankings, class sizes, non-business courses, description of the city etc.; basically the general information), you will end up with an non-personal letter. Make sure you elaborate by mentioning your characteristics, your experiences, your interests etc. to make it a personal motivation letter. The more personal your motivation letter is, the more you stand out from the crowd applying for the same destinations.
  • if there are similarities between the 3 destinations, do not repeat them but start or end your letter by mentioning these in a few sentences.