Selection Outcome

Selection Outcome


Positive or negative result? The results of the selection are expected to be announced by email on Friday February 12, 2021. If the International Office has not been able to allocate you an exchange destination (yet), you will be informed by email the day before.

Negative results are for students who:
• they scored lower on the selection criteria than others for the same exchange place(s);
• they only applied for one particular partner school for which there were better applicants;
• they were not open to alternative destinations;
• they made a poor impression during the interview;
• they didn’t demonstrate a solid motivation for the host university;
• they failed to attend the interview and gave no good reason for doing so.

Negative result: 

Waiting list
If the selection committee has not selected you for any of your three preferred destinations, but you have indicated that you are open to alternatives, you will be registered on our waiting list. This means you can re-apply for any remaining available exchange placements. A list of available placements will be sent to you by email after students selected in the first round have confirmed or declined their offers; this takes place between one and two weeks after the interviews.

Positive result:

Festive drink
Students selected for the RSM Master Exchange Programme celebrate the results with a social get-together. This is a perfect opportunity to meet fellow students who are going to the same exchange destination as you, and also to meet students who are currently doing their exchange in Rotterdam. Here’s your chance to meet future study mates and ask for more information from those already on exchange here in Rotterdam. You will automatically receive an invitation for this event.