How to choose the appropriate exchange destination?

How to choose the appropriate exchange destination?

Partner schools 
Although RSM maintains a partner network of 175+ schools, not all of them are open for a master exchange. These business schools and universities are seen as some of the best in their countries and are renowned worldwide. There are separate agreements with schools for both the Bachelor and Master exchange, but also for bachelor or master exchange only. Or schools belong to a certain network to which a regular master exchange is not possible.

You have to list 3 preferred destinations in your application. Next to that, you will be able to mention 10 alternative destinations.

MBA level exchanges
At some schools, mostly outside Europe, master students participate in MBA programmes. The reason is just because of the fact that this particular partner school does not offer a master programme. For MBA level programmes working experience (at least 1 year) and maturity is very important.

Blackboard course RSM Master Exchange (general information)
There are nearly 100 master exchange destinations to choose from, but it is very important to apply for the right ones since some schools require additional language and admission grade requirements, have a different academic calendar (Austria, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Korea), differ from length in terms (tri/semester, quarter system) or have deviating requirements for certain nationalities (China). This information is mostly summarized in the partner schools’ so-called Factsheets, which are to be found at the RSM’ Black Board page “RSM Master Exchange (general information)”, section “partner schools”. This blackboard course is also a useful tool to find reports of former exchange students.

PIM Schools Database 
Fact sheets for Partnership in International Management (PIM) network member schools, including academic calendar, accommodation and application, are available on the PIM website: