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Would you like to develop yourself? Have an international experience? Be inspired by and/or inspire other colleagues abroad? Teach or do some research abroad?

RSM Exchange Office can be help to find ways to do for example job shadowing, participate in an international staff week or teach/do research at one of our partner schools.

Why do a staff exchange?

Not only does visiting a university abroad provide you with an inspiring learning experience, it also offers you the chance to improve and further develop your professional skills and competences, as well as the opportunity to share your experience, knowledge and ideas with your colleagues abroad. 

What are the available options?

Your international experience can take on various forms: you could e.g. go abroad and visit a colleague at another European university on a job shadowing visit. You will be matched to an employee (or team) in your field of work. An international colleague can also - in return or not - come to RSM and shadow you. If you choose to go on a job shadowing visit, you will be matched to one of our partner universities, all located within the EU. Therefore, the language of instruction will be either in English, or the local language. 

Another option is to attend a staff week organized by one of our partner schools. This can take up to 2 and 5 days. 

Following a training (including language courses) or workshop at one of our partner universities, or going for a study visit, are also among the possibilities.

Other options include: promotion and/or follow-up/monitoring of Erasmus+ mobility, and planning of future Erasmus+ co-operation, teaching and research projects.

Please note that conferences are excluded

For information on all staff mobility (professional services, academics), see also this EUR website

Or visit RSM Exchange Office, room T5-22, Linda de Vries.