A lot of heart and working hours have gone into this project, from the Digital Projects and Services team (DP&S) and colleagues across the school and external parties. We're proud of the result and would like to thank everyone who was closely involved in the process. It’s a bright and modern website that excels in accessibility and user experience. 

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A special thanks goes out to

Digital Projects and Services team (DP&S)

For initiating, coordinating and executing the website revamp project from A to Z. They were the driving force behind this project and kept all stakeholders motivated till the end. This also includes the Content Migration team that was temporarily added to the DP&S team to support the content migration to the new website.

RSM Digitalisation and Information Services department (RDIS / IMC)

For their consultancy and development work on the new website, particularly on the custom built pages that have API connections to other sources such as Dashboard, Repub and Pure.

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Corporate Marketing and Communication department (CMC)

For supporting the project in general, providing refreshed content and metadata and helping to promote the new website internally and externally.


For designing the new website and translating that into a real website through their development work.


For doing the content inventory of the RSM website and being a sparring partner in the content migration process.


For helping out with the migration of the redirects and monitoring the website performance via Google Analytics.

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The DP&S team