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Prof. Barbara Banda - Conference keynote speaker
Prof. Barbara Banda - Conference keynote speaker

Our theme this year is Creating Inclusive Organisations. Join us in Rotterdam!

We believe that everyone should be welcome and encouraged to co-create inclusive organisations.

That’s why this November 24, 2023, ECWO is inviting everyone interested in co-creating inclusive environments to join the dialogue, learn about the latest research, and meet with leaders who are re-shaping how we think about DEI, social safety and belonging.

We have created a programme of inspiring keynotes, a thought-provoking panel discussion, unmissable workshops and research presentations that also includes plenty of opporunities for connection and networking.

Highlights include the presentation of the 2023 Dianne Bevelander Prize and keynotes by: 

Prof. Dr Barbara Banda, Professor of Practice in Strategy and Leadership

Faculty for ECWO's Women in Leadership programme, Barbara Banda is the author of The Model Black: How Black British Leaders Succeed in Organisations and Why it Matters which was selected in June 2022 as one of the FT’s business book must-reads and provides the foundation for her keynote.

Frank Baaijens, former Rector Magnificus at TU Eindhoven

For eight years, Rector Magnificus Frank Baaijens was at the helm of education and science at TUE. During that time, and based on the belief that gender imbalance between women and men in science requires a rigorous intervention, Baaijens made bold decisions to change paradigms and systems (including inaugurating the Irène Curie Fellowship). In this keynote, he will talk about the challenges and resistance he faced, and the result.

You can find programme and ticket details here.

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The Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO) is committed to fostering inclusion. Our founding purpose in 2014 was to empower women and to create a level playing field by building communities for organisational change. Today, ECWO has expanded its perspective to embrace a wider vision of a world of inclusive prosperity. Our new mission is to create a sense of belonging for everyone within organisations through diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), anchored in social safety. We strive for settings where everyone feels valued, respected and supported. We conduct research and produce evidence-led educational programmes, events, coaching, advocacy, and advisory services. We stay true to our roots, and we have evolved to recognise that achieving true inclusion and equity requires encompassing all, regardless of gender or identity.

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