The so-called 'Opleidingscommissie' (translated as Programme Committee) plays an essential role in the quality control mechanisms of RSM.

Its role and functions are defined in the Dutch Higher Education Act and can be summarised as follows:

  • giving advice on the teaching and examination regulations (TER);
  • judging the (quality of) implementation of the TER;
  • advising the Dean of Education, sollicited or unsollicited, on any issue regarding teaching and education.

The Opleidingscommissie consists of students following the programme(s) and professors teaching in the programme(s), in equal numbers.

For each degree programme or group of degree programmes, there needs to be an 'Opleidingscommissie'.

The dean will discuss any new policies or education related decisions in advance with the PC. In addition, the PC can raise its own points related to education.